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The ShurikenOrder provides money management to your trade. This tool works as an EA. It has one click order buttons that automatically calculate lot of an order. And it also has an automatic closing function that uses timer and/or trailing stop.


The ShurikenOrder has two buttons on the right bottom of the chart. If any positions are opened, the other side of the position becomes the close button. The left button is a sell button and the right one is a buy button. On the top of buttons, information is shown. The ShurikenOrder occupies the right bottom of the chart so that using "Auto scroll" and "Chart shift" is recommended. Note that this EA does not allow hedge positions.

Lot Calculation

Stop loss pips * Currency per 1 pip per 1 lot * Lot is equal to account free margin * Risk[%] / 100

so that,

Lot = Account free margin * Risk[%] / 100 / (Stop loss pips * Currency per 1 pip per 1 lot)

Showed Information

  • Rate — Average rate of positions
  • P/L — Current profit or loss of positions.
  • Pips — Current getting/losing pips of positions.
  • State — Open position states. SELL or BUY, and number of lots are shown.

Input Parameters

  • OneTradeRisk — The risk per one trade[%].
  • StoplossPips — Stop loss in pips.
  • CloseTimer — Enable close timer.
  • CloseTimeInMin — If CloseTimer is true, this parameter is used as timer count.
  • TrailingStop — Enable trailing stop.
  • InfoColor — Information color.
Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2016.04.17 10:36 

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Versão 1.1 2017.01.09
The close timer of ShurikenOrder excludes the closed markerts. (consider only exist ohlc in the chart). Add new parameter for slippage of open order.