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Sunshine is an automated Expert Advisor that showed positive test results on the period from January 2014 to February 2015. It has also been showing good results in real trading from October 2014 to present. This version has been optimized for EURUSD M1. The future versions are to be adjusted to other pairs and timeframes.

The EA is suitable both for experienced and novice traders. You need only to launch it and set the necessary lot size manually. The default lot is 0.05.

It can run with any deposit, since only a lot size is important here. Spread value is not critical, but less is always better. The EA works with a deposit of $50-100.


The EA operation is based on thorough analysis of the data received from 4 indicators on 3 timeframes. The EA is trying to enter a position at the beginning of a trend or in the direction of correction, and closes it based on the indicators' signals.

Main Advantages

  • No martingale, no grid EA.
  • No settings to be configured.
  • Very good risk/reward ratio.
  • No scalping, no hedging.
  • Low drawdown.
  • Slippage and spread size do not matter.
  • The product works with all brokers.
  • No re-optimization.
  • Deposit size - from $50.
  • Lot size is set manually.
  • The maximum number of orders opened simultaneously - 3.
  • The product is resilient, since its code contains the mechanism of backup of files, in which the variables used in the program are stored. In case of a failure, trading resumes from the same place automatically.

Adjustable Parameters

Lotss - amount of lots (default - 0.05).

Strategy Tester Result

The results displayed on the screenshots were obtained from January 2014 to February 2015 - EURUSD М1, lot size - 0.1, initial deposit - $100, profit - $1 900.

The EA will be constantly optimized if possible. For your questions/comments, please use the Comments tab.

Thank you and good luck!

Dr. Trader
Dr. Trader 2015.06.08 14:50 

Good simple advisor. I always try to use stoplosses, so had to do my own optimization with parameter SL_ON = true. If lot size is adjusted to have rather low maximal equity drawdown (20% in my case) - then profit is around 5%-10% per month. Most of the timeframes are profitable, you can try to use different ones in tester.

Хороший советник, прост в настройке. Я всегда стараюсь использовать стопы, поэтому пришлось оптимизировать советник под свой вкус, со стопами, и на разных таймфреймах. С настройками которые исторически в бэктесте дают не больше 20% просадки - прибыль получается около 5%-10% в месяц.


Order management and magic number handling are incorrect. Advisor should be run on a separate account, without other advisors and without manual trading.

Управление ордерами и магик номер работают некорректно. Эксперт нужно запускать на отдельном аккаунте без других экспертов и без мануальной торговли.


Expert started to uncontrollably open and close orders every second, leading to big losses. Don't use it until this is fixed with update.

Советник начал неконтролируемо открывать и закрывать ордера каждую секунду, что привело к большим потерям. Не используйте его до следующего апдейта.

Versão 3.0 2016.01.14
1. The EA has become more sensitive to the price changes on the market.
2. There are now less false signals.
Versão 2.0 2015.04.27
1. Ability to set Stop Loss.
- set the "SL_ON" parameter to "true" (default is "false").
- specify the required amount of points in the "StopLoss" parameter (default is 1000 points).
2. After terminal failure and restart, the EA detects its own open positions and takes control over them.
3. Magic Number of orders 50110,50120,50130

4. The EA now also works on the M5 timeframe.