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KL Account Analysis

The indicator helps you estimate progress of your trading and your trading account using the most important factors. For history of your progress you may take screen shots that with current chart in the background can be more useful than Excel sheet. You might need to enable All History in the MetaTrader terminal. By default, (minimized) indicator shows you current calculations of all opened trades in the terminal.

Today, Yesterday(/Friday), Current Week(and so on) start from hour 0:00 of the (broker) day. Current week start from Monday. Months start from their first day. Last 3 Months - means last two months and the current one. Current values are calculated for all opened positions and all symbols. Price Pad disallow overlapping the current calculations by chart, you can set its colour and transparency.

You might be also interested in KL Account Performance Analyzer, which is more advanced version of this indicator, that can calculate values according to instrument name, order type and Magic Number of the orders assigned by your EA or scripts.

Main features:

  • Tips - hold the mouse pointer above description and read a useful tips.
  • Progress of the last 30 trades - allows you to assess progress in your current skill.
  • Win/Loss Ratio - Winning Trades / All Trades = % of Wining Trades.
  • Profit Factor - Gross Profit / Gross Loss = Your profit against every 1$ of loss.
  • Rate of return - Calculating according to period of calculations.
  • Sharpe Ratio - Efficiency of your trading. As simplification consider Sharpe ratio of 1 or better as good (bronze medal), 2 or better as very good (silver), 3 or better as excellent (gold medal), but ratio exceeding 2 can also indicate risky trading.
  • All Won - All finally profitable trades, including their commissions and swaps.
  • Maximal values in line - profit 9999999999.99, percent +999999999.9%, time 999999999 min. = 1902 years.

In settings:

  • Indicator font name.
  • Color of profits.
  • Color of losses.
  • Color of neutral values is set according to skin.
  • Position of report window - X axis.
  • Position of report window - Y axis.
  • Color of price pad.
  • Percentage transparency of price pad.
  • Color of report window background.
  • Transparency of report window background.
  • Select the indicator skin, from 1 up to 7.

KL Account Analysis Lite - Free version that is fully working with CADCHF, CHFJPY and USDPLN. Current market calculations are without limits.

KL Account Analysis 1.62 - Added transparency for Price Pad and indicator background. Fastest indicator calculations. Indicator skins that are matching to KL 4X Lab appearance. You can change font type, the colours and transparency according to your needs.

pnutfx503 2017.05.31 08:02 

Easy to keep track of how your trading. Good job

985398 2016.01.29 00:23 

Easy to use, accurate with needed information

Mieczyslaw Kraszewski
Mieczyslaw Kraszewski 2015.11.30 20:13 

Hi Traders, This indicator is of great help to any Trader and can help you analyse of your trades. Good software!

Versão 1.62 2016.02.08
Added transparency for Price Pad and indicator background. Fastest indicator calculations. Indicator skins that are matching the KL 4X Lab appearance. You can change font type, the colors and transparency according to your needs.
Versão 1.35 2015.03.06
Minor changes in appearance.
Versão 1.14 2015.02.16
Fixed a small bug when gained pips have positive value but real profits are negative because of a few positions with different lot sizes (seldom situation).
Versão 1.13 2015.01.13
Added tips: hold the pointer above text and read a tip.
Versão 1.1 2015.01.09
Sharpe Ratio, Rate of Return, timers.