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Verdure UltimateTrail

Verdure UltimateTrail EA is an advanced and all-inclusive trailing stop Expert Advisor. It is a robust implementation of 7 widely used trailing stop methods in financial trading. Verdure UltimateTrail now includes the Custom Indicator Based Trailing technique which allows you to trail positions using any custom indicator of your choice. A trailing stop is designed to protect gains by enabling a trade to remain open and continue to profit as long as the price is moving in the right direction, but closing the trade if the price changes direction. Kindly note that Verdure UltimateTrail does not place orders, it is only a utility EA that helps in position management. The 7 implemented Trailing Stop techniques are:

  • ATR Trailing Stop

This method is based on multiples of ATR values. A racquet mechanism prevents stop loss level going down in an uptrend and going up in a downtrend. See screenshot.

  • Traditional Trailing Stop

This method trails positions at a certain distance (pips) away from the market price. It is the most popular trailing stop method. For example, you may decide to trail a buy order 20 pips away from the Market price.

  • Parabolic SAR Trailing Stop

Trails order using values of Parabolic SAR indicator. See screenshot.

  • Chandelier Trailing Stop

This system was introduced by Alexander Elder in his book 'Come Into My Trading Room'. Like ATR Trailing Stop, it uses a multiple of ATR values subtracted from Highs during an uptrend and multiples of ATR values added to Lows during a downtrend. See comment section for more information.

  • N-Bar Trailing Stop

This system was inspired by the 3-Bar Exit System that was discussed by Alex Nekritin and Walter Peters in their book 'Naked Forex'. In the original system, a position is trailed few pips away from the highest high 3 bars away for a sell order and few pips away from the lowest low 3 bars away for a buy order. Popular examples of this type of trailing stop include the 3 Bar High Low Trailing stop and the 2 Bar High Low Trailing Stop.

This implementation lets you decide how many bars to use in trailing your positions. For example, you may decide to trail a sell order 5 pips away from the highest high 3 periods ago (on an hourly chart, that would be 3 hours ago). Since this implementation provides a safe stop, a safe stop can be used until 3 bars have been completed since after placing the order. See screenshots for a graphical illustration.

  • Percentage Trailing Stop

In this method, your position is being trailed at a percentage away from the open, high, low or close price of n bars away. For example, you may decide to trail your buy position 10% away from the yesterdays high. See comment section for more information.

  • Custom Indicator Based Trailing Stop

This method allows you to trail your positions using any custom indicator. All you need to do is specify the indicator name, parameters and buffers to use in trailing both buy and sell orders and the EA does the rest of the trailing for you automatically.


  • 7 hugely popular trailing stop methods in 1 single EA
  • Completely eliminates human error
  • Parameters for each of the trailing stop methods are highly configurable
  • Option to trail on every tick or trail on new bar
  • Can be used to trail orders placed by another EA and exclusions can be set to prevent Verdure UltimateTrail EA from trailing orders placed by other EAs
  • Operates in 2 modes (LOCAL or GLOBAL)
  • Well implemented notification functionality including alerts, mobile notifications and emails
  • Log level can be set appropriately to track EA activities
  • Safe Stop is implemented to ensure that every order has a stop loss in case price action moves in opposite direction of order. Consider the Safe Stop level as the highest risk you are willing to take on the trade.

Check the comment section for more information, examples and resources on the implemented Trailing Stop methods

VolkerPotthast 2019.03.01 12:48 

Great utility, outstanding support, 5 star product

philipmccool 2018.06.19 14:31 

I purchased this on a recommendation from a friend . ive only tried it now for about a week but so far seems to do what I want it to do . I needed to be able to place a trailing stop without have to spend all day looking at the charts and this ea seems to fit the bill. so far im up so it has almost paid for itself

rongilalb4919 2017.05.09 09:17 

Your product is very easy to use with lots of possibility's with the Custom Indicator Trail function.


are1971 2016.03.28 14:34 

It is a great utility for position management.

Versão 6.0 2016.06.20
- Added custom indicator based trailing stop
- General improvements
Versão 5.0 2016.02.15
- improved logging
Versão 4.0 2016.02.08
- Improved calculation for Chandelier and Nbar trail
- General improvements
Versão 3.0 2016.01.15
- Added 2 extra parameters
1. UseElasticStop: Ideally Stoploss value should only go up for a buy order and down for a sell order but when this parameter is set to true, it allows Stoploss value of open orders to either move up or down as calculated by the chosen trailing stop method.
2. ArrowColour: Customize the colour of the trail line that is drawn on the chart
- Bug fixes
- Improved logging
Versão 2.0 2015.02.13
- Redefined log level (there are now 4 log levels: SUCCESS, ERROR, DEBUG, NOLOG).
- Added 'CloseOnReverse' parameter to automatically close an order when trend changes in opposite direction of calculated Stop level if set to true.
- General improvements and bug fixes.