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Signal Lot Multiplier MT4 Demo

This utility will help you to multiply subscribed signal positions.

Demo version works on Demo Accounts. download main version here

To test this utility simply subscribe to a free signal on a demo account and test it.

If you want to test this EA manually, please insert a name (any name) as comment when opening position, and enter that name into EA.

You should install it on your VPS Metatrader, or on your PC Metatrader, It will automatically copy positions with the lot size as you want, synchronizes SL and TP, and closes them when signal provider closes the position. (if you are using your PC, it should be turned on and connected to internet)

How to  use:

  • First, enter the Exact Name of subscribed signal in panel
  • then enter lot multiplier
  • and Finally Activate the EA

for example if you set lot Multiplier to 1.5, with the signal lot 0.8, EA will add a position with 1.2 lots. (0.8 multiply by 1.5 = 1.2 )

Please notice that it will open the positions just in "deviation" price range you entered in settings.


  • Don't forget to activate AUTOTRADING, in Metatrader before attaching the EA to your chart (see pictures)
  • The EA will copy ALL positions by attaching it to ONE chart. Don't run it on more than one chart with similar signal names. But you can run this EA on different charts with different Signal names.
  • This utility does NOT copy pending orders and will wait for Buys and Sells.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question or ideas about this EA.

Good luck

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Ricardo Palao Castro
Ricardo Palao Castro 2020.10.14 10:13 

it should allow copying from any source, not just a signal. I'm testing myself by entering manually but it doesn't copy it, that's why I tell it that it must be from any source.

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Versão 1.1 2020.10.05
minor update