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All windows switch to one currency

Drag this indicator into any window, and other window currency pairs will automatically switch to the window where the indicator is located.

For example, drag this indicator into the EURUSD currency pair window, and all other window currency pairs will automatically switch to EURUSD.

Note! This indicator switches currency pairs seamlessly. If EAs is running in other windows, it will switch seamlessly without jamming.

This indicator does not need to change currency pairs one by one in each window when looking at the same currency pair with multiple indicators, multiple windows and multiple periods,

You only need to switch currency pairs in the window with this indicator. In other windows with different indicators in different periods, you can switch all currency pairs automatically, which is very convenient.

This indicator is perfect when used with "Symbol changer ultimate" !

Drag " All windows switch to one currency.ex4 " And "Symbol changer ultimate.ex4" to a window ,

Just use the "Symbol changer ultimate" to switch currency pair, other window currency pairs automatically switch, extremely easy to use!

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