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Nightly Continuous Profit

Nightly Continuous Profit EA is a fully automated trading system that trades on the most popular currency pairs at night.

To be honest, there are many EA at the market that trade at night and in the backtest every thing is good but when you run EA in live account you will be shocked because the result is completely different in comparison with backtest, it is good to know that (for beginner) at the night spread become wide. When you have an ECN account your backtest will be ok because normally spreads at these kind of accounts are low (for example EURUSD is 1-5 pipettes) but at night the conditions will be changed so that is why your result in live account is disappointing.

On contrary, there are a lot of advantages at night trading, one of the most important ones is when you are resting your account is active. 

 Now i declare with confidence that the Nightly Continuous Profit EA is able to work properly with high spread at night(for example between 20 and 120 pipettes) but i strongly recommend you to open a fixed spread,  zero spread  or real ECN  account in reliable broker with appropriate and fair spread(commission).


Live accounts monitoring :       Version 2.1   --->>   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/824856


IMPORTANT : when you buy or rent this EA; please contact me for sending set file and recommended broker.

 📧 Email : ghavami.milad@gmail.com   Telegram: //telegram.me/miladfx 

  2. Timeframe is M5
  3. VPS is preferred .
  4. famous brokers get more volume to avoid huge slippage .
  5. Default settings  EURCHF.✅



  • Magic number : you should allocate unique number for each currency pair.
  • Insert the maximum spread(pipette) : max allowable spread. (pipette means the last digit after decimal,  for 5 digits currency pair 1 pipette  means 0.00001).
  • Insert the maximum slippage : max allowable slippage. 
  • Specify broker digit(4 or 5) : input 4 or 5, accourding to your broker (EURUSD =1.18055 ----->>   input 5) (EURUSD =1.1805  ----->> input 4).
  • Display info on chart : if true ----->> display information on chart.
  • Insert the fix lot : fixed trading lot.
  • Trade start time : start trading time. (based on GMT).
  • Trade stop time : stop trading time. (based on GMT).
  • true only for backtest (for live trade should be false).
  • broker GMT+2(+3) Start 00:00 - broker GMT 0 Start 21:00.
  • broker GMT+2(+3) stop 01:00 -broker  GMT 0 stop 22:00.
  • Sleep x minute after loss : when the position is closed with loss, EA will not be allowed to open new position for x (your input) minutes after close time .
  • Close position in loss after x minute : close position in loss after x(your input) minutes.
  • Sensibility to open the position (between 15 and 60) : this value for currency pair with low volatility should be 15-30 and for high volatility  should be 30-60. (that was just recommendation, EA works with each number).
  • Sensibility to close the position (between 10 and 30) : this value for currency pair with low volatility should be 10-20 and for high oscillation should be 20-30 . (that was just recommendation, EA works with each number).
  • Auto lot mode : if true ----->> fix lot cancel. (auto lot is calculated according to risk percent and stop loss).
  • Risk percent(%) : if you select auto lot mode you should input risk value.
  • Insert the fix take profit(pipette) : you can set fix take profit for each position. recommendation : for  low volatility currency pairs  300(5 digits broker), 30(4 digits broker). for high volatility currency pairs 1000.
  • Insert the fix stop loss(pipette) : you should protect to your positions by fix stop-loss. recommendation : for  low volatility currency pairs 300(5 digits broker), 30(4 digits broker). for high volatility currency pairs 1000.
  • Risk free and trailing stop loss : in order to improve the profit and position risk free select true. (the Performance of this item is completely depend on your input of maximum spread).
  • Trailing take profit : in order to reduce loss select true. (the Performance of this item is completely depend on your input of fix stop loss ).


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Versão 2.1 2020.09.16
in this version some parameter is added to improve Profitability