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Telegram Trade Copier MT4 DEMO

Copier of transactions through   Telegram     channel. Will help you instantly publish your trade in   Telegram   channel or copy trades from   Telegram     channel. The utility can work in two directions by receiving signals in MT4 and transmitting signals to   Telegram .

  • No more missed deals
  • No more panic
  • Capital Management
  • Ease of use

ATTENTION. This is a DEMO version, it has limitations - sending messages no more than 1 time in 600 seconds 😔

PAY version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/56142

You can use it for:

  • copying your own deals through   Telegram     channel (via the Internet);
  • copying trades from MT4 to MT5 and vice versa. MT5 version https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/56143
  • propagation of signals through   Telegram     channel for their clients;

    How it works:

    You can see how the utility works in the test channel https://t.me/moneystrategy_mql

    👉 In PROVIDER mode, the utility   publishes deals in   Telegram     channel: order ticket, opening time, symbol, trade type, trading lot, as well as stop loss and take profit levels.

    👉 In mode   RECEIVER utility   copies transactions from   Telegram     channel to your MT4 terminal. It can copy a lot with an increased or decreased lot, can reverse positions in the opposite direction, track the change in stop loss and take profit levels.

    Installing and configuring the utility:

    1. Service -> Settings -> Expert Advisors -> Allow WebRequest for the following URLs (Add URL: https://api.telegram.org);
    2. You will need to create 2 bots to receive and transmit signals. AT   Telegram   go to @BotFather and create bots. Copy the Token and enter it in the parameters of the advisor. There must be different Tokens for PROVIDER and RECEIVER. You can use my bots for testing (1285429093: AAERdfBAsdy5Vq8FotJWQZxLejXR8rRiZJ4 and 1145950110: AAGuDFVkEQlDtjSaXMgQEhWzc7BOQ6TZ8xI) but make your own for work!
    3. Create your channel and make it public;
    4. Add bots to your channel and make them administrators. Write any first message, for example "HELLO WORLD!";
    5. Follow the link: https://api.telegram.org/bot [TOKEN_BOTA ]/sendMessage?chat_id=@ [USERNAME_KANALA] ]&text= HELLO WORLD !. Replace the brackets [] with your values. In my case, this is: https://api.telegram.org/bot 1285429093: AAERdfBAsdy5Vq8FotJWQZxLejXR8rRiZJ4 / sendMessage? Chat_id = @ tlgrm_broadcast & text = HELLO WORLD!
    6. After clicking on the link, the channel ID will be displayed, it will look something like this: -1001459355041 (13 digits), enter the channel ID in the advisor settings for PROVIDER.

    😎 Done. Now you can broadcast your signals to the Telegram channel and copy deals from there in MetaTrader4

    You can see how the utility works in the test channel https://t.me/moneystrategy_mql

    ATTENTION: When copying, there are delays of 1-3 seconds.

    🚀 TELEGRAM https://t.me/forex4up 


    • MODE   - operating mode, reception or transmission of a signal;
    • BOT_TOKEN   - Token bot;
    • CHANNEL_ID   -   Channel ID ;
    • PREFIX_SYMBOL ,   SUFFIX_SYMBOL   - prefix and suffix of the symbol, if any;   ;
    • COPY_POSITIONS     - what orders to copy   ;
    • MAGIC_NUMBER   - with what magic number to copy orders, if = -1 all orders are copied   ;
    • ONLY_NEW_TRADE   - if true, then only new orders will be copied   ;
    • REVERSE_COPY   - back copying, for example, instead of BUY, open SELL   ;
    • LOT_MULTIPLIER   - coefficient of copying volume from PROVIDER account, if = 0, copies with the lot specified in FIXED_LOT   ;
    • PLUS_LOT ,   MINUS_LOT - plus and minus lot;
    • MAXIMUM_LOT   - maximum lot;
    • FIXED_LOT   - fixed lot;
    • SYNCHRONIZE_STOPS   - if true, then closing orders, TP and SL levels will be synchronized with   PROVIDER   account   ;
    • STOPLOSS ,   TAKEPROFIT   - set your own TP and SL levels if   SYNCHRONIZE_STOPS     = false   ;

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