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WD Gann Calculations

Wd Gann  used various calculation to find out reversals and market Start and End by  using some mathematical calculation :-

Vector Ratio - VR( price and time Vector ratios of last swing and also calculating average of last few swing to find out price and time relations)

Price Distance - PR ( price distance between last swing to calculate divider 8/16/32/64  for targets and entry level 1/3,1/2,2/3 these most important trend changing or reversal points, also checking average of last few swings 3/6/9 swing )

Percentage change - PC(Price Percentage distance between last swing to calculate how % approx movement sometime we are confuse in normal distance a better idea to see percentage change and last few swing average values)

Number of days/ candle every time lots of people seeking manually how much days spend by last few swing my tools shows no of candle or days and average swing Candles (time)

if you have all these information about swing averages  Percentage Price and time vector  and no of candle(time average )when market move forward easily know about swings trends and reversal timing....

also given recent SR levels with 45/60/90 degree angle which is moving in live market a perfect levels of reversing and trend breaking with angles..

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