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Tran Tan Phuoc
1. It works on 1 minute chart, but you can attach to any chart. 2. It just needs 100 USD to start. Better leave it alone for 6 months or 1 year then check the account for a surprise. The leverage should be from 300. 3. It does not open regular trades, and does not trade everyday. It trades in special circumstances when there is the intervention of big players like banks or financial institutions. 4. You cannot expect it to make all profits, but after 1 year, you can expect a surprise. Backtest
1 000 USD
Manual Trading Tool
Tran Tan Phuoc
This is a tool to help manage manual trading. It is easy to use. Set the parameters and go. This is a present for my customers. 1. Use at your risk. You must decide the trend to use the tool 2. It will automatically manage stoploss trailing for you. 3. You may want to upload to VPS and use in combination with your computer side. Because it just manages the automatic trail, it will not conflict with your manual trading.
Tran Tan Phuoc
This is a very complicated scalping system that can make million from just 100 USD in one good year. All you need is patience and a good planning. Like the name, just set up an account with 100 USD deposit, this EA and one or two years of VPS rent, and forget. You will be surprised at how much it can make.  The main logics of this scalping system is to use large lots to open a position with very short SL. It uses a number of factors to get the highest quality signals for entry, and then exit qui
199 USD