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Flash Ticker

Expert Advisor - scalper analyzes the market, builds levels and, depending on the selected settings, opens a market order for a "breakdown". Unlike pending orders, this approach allows you to reduce spreads and slippage, increase speed and improve the execution price. Next, the position is tracked by trailing an order.

Monitoring: www.myfxbook.com/members/scalpmon/flashticker/6412664


  • high performance even on a small deposit;
  • quick profit recovery in case of stop loss;
  • risk control, the choice of trading in a fixed lot or with reinvest;
  • adaptive market analysis algorithm that does not require optimization.


  • minimum deposit: $ 100
  • currency pair: EURUSD
  • timeframe: H1
  • account type: ECN


  1. Since the Expert Advisor is a scalper, it needs minimal spreads, good order execution and lack of or minimized slippage. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a broker who can provide these trading conditions. Be sure to account ECN or equivalent. Spreads are not higher than 2 points (4 digits) or select situationally for each instrument separately. It is recommended to use the most liquid pairs, for example, EURUSD.
  2. Before installing on a real account, be sure to test it with minimum lots, because with large volumes of some brokers, the quality of execution deteriorates significantly.
  3. Look at all the attached screenshots - the result of testing the EURUSD currency pair for this advisor. Different starting deposits, risks and testing range. Testing was carried out at 99% of the quotes, with the actual execution of stop loss, take profit, limit orders, with a commission of $ 7 per full lot, with swaps included, real spreads and slippage to achieve the most approximate conditions for real trading on ECN accounts.

Main parameters:

automatic lots calculation
risk percentage for automatic volume calculation
fixed volume
spread filter
unique number
comments on orders
activation of the protective stoploss function
number of protective stop loss points
start in points trailing orders
step in order trailing points
turning on the visual panel

All parameters in points are presented in a 4-digit format, the adviser will automatically translate these values to a 5-digit format.

Important: before buying, be sure to test the adviser by downloading it on this page absolutely free, see its work to evaluate the required deposit, your risks. If you have questions, be sure to ask them in the discussion thread or in private messages.

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Versão 1.1 2020.06.22
Optimized code for faster order execution
Visual control panel changed