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Advisor for long-term trading and deposit dispersal!

From $ 100 to $ 150,000 and more ....

The adviser 2 trading strategies.

1 strategy:

Trading is based on trend movements, positions are opened based on the strength of the trend and based on the data of two user indicators and trading volumes according to the author’s formula.

Series of positions have a common take profit, which is based on the statistics of trend movements of this trading instrument and have a limit on the number and return the swap paid on transactions.

2 strategy:

Strategy for intraday trading with a small virtual take profit.

All indicators are already in the adviser.

Trading recommendations: a deposit of $ 100 or more, the volume of orders is calculated automatically and depends on the size of the deposit.

This version is adapted for trading on the USDCHF pair and is trading on the "Daily" timeframe

1 Martingale is not used.

2 Hedging is not used.

3 Full swap return with take profit formula.

4 The EA closes positions when the trend changes and protects the deposit.

5 Has only 12 trades in a series of orders.

6 Do not scalping.

7 Not sensitive to news.

The EA has a minimum of settings for ease of use:

Magic Number: Magic Number

Move Swap: True / False

True - consider swap when calculating take profit (Return swap)

False - Do not account for swap

Close Profit: True / False

True - Work on two strategies

False - Work only on strategy number 1

The version of NSP-Moses Go for stable trading without risks can be found here:


NIJAT MAHMUDOV 2020.05.31 21:45 

Been communicating with Boris since March, he is very friendly, helpful and professional in his field. I have carefully tested few of his EAs and extremely happy with the results. If you need any assistance, contact me and I will try to help you as much as I can. Thanks again Boris for this beautiful piece of art!

Dmitrii Kozachenko
Dmitrii Kozachenko 2020.05.29 23:04 

I bought and start use this EA on real account. Two full weeks and 10% done with safe 7% DD. I will create full review in further two weeks.