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This is a strategy. Any indicator used.

At the selected time, once a day, one sell and one buy orders open same time.

You can adjust their distance (TakeProfit) using its settings.

If someone hits take profit, the robot open an reverse order (once a day) with same distance (take profit) level.

Adverse logic will continue (with same criteria) till selected stop time in the robot settings.

This robot uses order history total and history total functions of MQL, there may happen some bugs in the strategy tester.


  • StartHour: Expert will work at this hour of all days .
  • StopHour: Expert will stopped to work this hour & close all open orders too.
  • Distance: Orders will open with this distance Level as a take profit.
  • MaxSpread: Expert will not open orders over this spread of your broker.
  • Lots: Lots amount.
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