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Wolf Ea

Wolf goal is to achieve long-term returns with stability NOT using risky techniques like Grid or Martingale.

The best currency pair is eur/usd on a 5 minute timeframe.

Wolf is  NOT over-optimized

Wolf use a moving average, Bollinger Bans, a volatility filter and stoploss.

The backtest has been carried out since 2010 with a quality of 99.9%

It is possible to use a money management method and set it's intensity .

Wolf parameters can be modified, but the preset parameters have been chosen with the intent of obtaining the maximum ratio between  profitability and stability.

  • lots = lot size (default: 1); --> only if "automatic_lots" is set to "OFF"!
  • magic_number = unique number for each chart (default: 17456);
  • comment = order comment (default: "Wolf");
  • average = length of simple moving average for trend filter (default: 105);
  • bollinger_sma = length of simple moving average for Bollinger Bands (default: 45);
  • dev_std = standard deviation of Bollinger Bands (default: 2);
  • stop_loss = stop loss, % (default: 0.0035);
  • volatility_factor = volatility filter (default: 0.0027);
  • automatic_lots: "ON/OFF", for allow the reinvestment of profit  (default: ON)
  • risk: if automatic_lot is set to "ON", indicates how many dollars of capital change are needed to increase the number of lots by 0.01. (default: 50)

The parameter of risk is comparable in the following way:

  • Low = 135
  • Medium = 67
  • High = 50
  • Super_high = 35
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