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BTC Trend Trader

I have found an exchange that allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin on MT4 and is advantageous in terms of spreads, swap points and transaction fees.


This enables automatic trading.


  • It senses the trend and enters, and closes when it senses the end of the trend.
  • It executes buying and selling when a new bar is created.
  • It does not always have a position.
  • It does not engage in high-risk transactions such as martingale.

How to use

  • Broker : BIG BOSS is the best choice. However, it is limited to Bitcoin. Alto coins in BIG BOSS have large swap points and are not suitable for this EA.
  • Currency pair : BTCUSD
  • Time frame : 4-hour or daily
  • Lots : Please enter the lot size to order in one trade.

6 points to choose a broker

  1. The spread is small.
  2. The swap point is small.
  3. The transaction fee is low.
  4. Best brokers have a timezone of GMT + 0, but no such broker has been found. When operating on a daily basis, it is better to be close to GMT + 0. When operating on a 4-hour basis, it is even better if the difference from GMT + 0 is a multiple of 4.
  5. Can be bought and sold on Saturdays and Sundays.
  6. No major troubles in the past.

  • If you know a broker with good conditions other than BIG BOSS, I would appreciate it if you could contact me.

About the optimum lot size

  • I recommend trading the same amount as your margin balance. If you want to leverage, please decide the lot size referring to the simulation result below.
  • I performed a back test (BTCUSD D1 H4 from September 28, 2016 to September 20, 2020) with MT4 of BigBoss, and based on the result of the back test, I simulated the case of buying and selling with leverage. In the backtest, the spread was set to the current value.
  • Leverage is defined as a number that represents how many times the margin balance is traded. (Leverage = Bitcoin price x number of coins / margin balance)
  • Suppose you have adjusted your lots to always have the same leverage when you enter.
  • Transaction fees and swap points are not considered in this simulation.

Simulation results (BTCUSD D1 September 28, 2016-September 20, 2020)

Leverage (times)
Maximum drawdown (%)
Final asset amount (times)
0.5 8 9
1 15 35
22 99
2 29 218
2.5 35 403
3 40 647

Simulation results (BTCUSD H4 September 28, 2016-September 20, 2020)

Leverage (times)
Maximum drawdown (%)
Final asset amount (times)
0.5 19 9
1 37 44
1.5 52 149
2 66 361
2.5 79 628
3 90 703

About holding position

  • If you remove the BTC Trend Trader, close the chart, or exit MT4 while the BTC Trend Trader holds the position, if you install and run the BTC Trend Trader again, the BTC Trend Trader will recognize the position you had before and resume automatic trading.

"Buying and Selling Notification" and "Buying and Selling Forecast"

  • It needs to be set. (Tools Options Email)
  • It is equipped with a "buying and selling notification" that delivers an email immediately after buying and selling.
  • "Buying and selling forecast" is installed so that users who want to buy and sell with brokers that do not adopt MT4 can prepare for buying and selling in advance. It informs you that it is likely to buy or sell at the next 0:00, only for daily charts. It will notify you hourly only if it is likely to trade at the next 00:00.

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Rafael Sison
Rafael Sison 2020.05.28 19:40 

Poor it almost Blown up my account....

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Versão 1.1 2020.09.20
Fixed a chart display bug.