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Hidden Candles Demo

This indicator Demo allows to hide future Candles on hourly and daily timeframes from a date define by the user.

In trading, mastering our multi-timeframe "Price Action" knowledge is essential.  But this is practically impossible when we have to  practice these in a charts where all next candles deceive us and impairs our analysis.  As mentioned above, this indicator hides all future candles and easily allows to move forward and backward step by step through your broker actual data.   For maximum data and better results, increase this settings:  Tools\Options\Chart\Max bars in history and Tools\Options\Chart\Max bars in chart.

This demo version include:

  • Hidden candles on all timeframes
  • Limit to "AUDCHF" and "NZDCHF" symbols
  • Candle by candle evolution (Forward and backward)
  • Price Line (on/off)
  • Next candle line (On/off) and date selection dragging
  • Calendar to select dates
  • Upper timeframes current candle evolution (Bullish/Bearish)
  • Support Bar, Candles and Line charts
  • Working with "Hidden Moving Average" and "Hidden ATR" indicators (Free Add-ons)
"Hidden Candles" version available here:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/45267

Indicator Parameters:

  • Price Line Color
  • Time Vertical Line Color 
  • Upper TF Bull Active Candle Color 
  • Upper TF Bear Active Candle Color
  • Chart Time Progression Link -> Option to link the time progression with all symbols or the chart symbol only.

     Hidden Indicators working with the demo version:

    Other Hidden Indicators:

    • Hidden Alligator                
    • Hidden Bollinger Bands      
    • Hidden CCI                       
    • Hidden Fractals                 
    • Hidden Ichimoku               
    • Hidden MACD                    
    • Hidden OBV                      
    • Hidden RSI                        
    • Hidden Parabolic Sar         
    • Hidden Stochastic             
    • Hidden V0lume                 
    • Hidden Zig Zag                 
    • More to come...

    "Hidden Candles" version available here:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/45267


    Hey traders!!  Give me your feeds!  We are a community here and we have the same objective.... make some money from the market.  The more your feed me, the more I can respond on your needs.   

    Sincerely yours,


    Contact:  dev4trad3rs@gmail.com


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