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Optimal F

This Indicator calculates Optimal F & Lots, With a formula quoted from "Portfolio Management Formula" by Ralph Vince. Using steps are below.

1.Go to Terminal in MT4 Platform, Then open Account History.

2.Right click, And click "All History". It cannot calculate without this process.

3.Plot this Indicator "optimal f". It is going to be same result with any currency pairs or any time_frames. It calculates from all your trading history.

4.Input "Trades_from". The initial value is 1, It says your recent trade's profit & loss (Profit & loss + swap + commissions ). For example; If you input 5, It refers to your 5 trades ago. If you input 0, It is going to be 1.

5.Input "Trades_To". The initial value is 1000. It says this Indicator refers to your 1000 trades ago. If you input over 1000, It is going to be 1000. For example; If you Input "Trades_From" 1 & "Trades_To" 1000, It refers to your all trade's history between 1 to 1000.

6.Input "Stop_Loss_Pips". The initial value is 0. For example; If you Input 20, And if it is 1 % risk of your account (that calculated with Optimal F), This Indicator finds Lots that takes 1 % risk in 20 pips stop loss. Or if you input 0, It finds best Lots for the entry without stop loss, From your trading history.

7. Input "Lot". The initial value is 100,000. Please input currency unit in your trading company.

8.The results pops up on chart & experts window. On chart; "Full" _ optimal lots(NOT optimal f), "Half" _ half of Full, "Qr" _ quarter of Full. On experts window; "Largestloss" & "F" _ optimal f.

9. Please delete this Indicator.

*By leverage that your trading company has been adopted, You might not be able to entry with Lots that calculated by this Indicator. And It needs at least 30 trading history for accurate results. In trading history that this Indicator needs, Includes history of deleted pending orders. In this case, the profit & loss is going to be 0.

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