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The presented expert system works with any currency pair. The EA can be launched on any hour period, any currency pair, and on the server of any broker. Unique trading system! It is recommended to work on liquid forex pairs, with a low spread and use VPS. You can start using it with $ 100 and a lot of 0.01. The expert passes all types of testing throughout the history for the specified currency pair. Also, the expert system is tested with various delay values, it works in fully automatic mode!

It uses two trading options: with virtual and real stop loss. Virtual stop levels (take profit, stop loss and trailing stop) work like normal levels on the server / broker side, but they are invisible to your broker and are stored exclusively in the "memory" of the partner. The expert system goes through the whole history and all currency pairs with one single setting. All tests in the screenshots were made by a real broker. If there is a commission on the account, it must be converted to the equivalent of the spread and fill in the Commission field.

High-frequency trading, high-frequency trading (HFT) is the main form of algorithmic trading in the financial markets, in which modern equipment and algorithms are used for fast trading, this expert system will help you with this. HFT uses a trading strategy that can buy and sell in fractions of a second.

How to test a trading system?
  • To test the trading system, first set all the tester parameters as shown in the screenshot.
  • Testing model should be any all ticks.
  • The testing period for any pair is not limited, you can test on the entire history of this pair.
Tips for use.
  • Advisor settings: Use the default settings.
  • Symbol: any!
  • Timeframe: M1.
  • Brokers: Any brokers, spread and commission up to 8 pips, leverage 1: 100.
  • Minimum deposit: $ 100 nominal $ 100.
The main parameters of the expert system:
  • Volume - the size of the starting lot, if we work without risk.
  • On Risk - used to enable automatic lot determination depending on the deposit, otherwise Volume works.
  • Percent Risk - percentage of risk relative to which starting deposit to calculate risk.
  • Risk MM - money management options.
  • Stop Loss - spot loss (in points).
  • Additional parameters of the expert system:
  • Magic - magic number for all transactions.
  • slippage - slippage.
  • Lot Decimal - lot accuracy (rounding to how many digits).
Parameters of expert system restrictions:
  • Min Stops Level - compulsory level of the minimum distance for stops (in points).
  • Max Spread - the maximum spread at which you can open an order (in points).
  • Commission - The commission is listed in points (in points).
  • Parameters related to scalping:
  • Stop Loss Scalping - Stop Loss.
  • Take Profit Scalping - Take Profit.
  • Level Start Scalping - level of additional retreat of a pending order.
  • Trailing Distance Scalping - an additional distance for trailing a pending order.
  • Trailing Start Scalping - start trailing.
  • Trailing Stop Loss Scalping - an additional type of stop loss loss when trailing.
  • Trailing Take Profit Scalping - an additional type of take profit profit when trailing.
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