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Scalping Reverse EA

The EA is based on the Scalping Reverse PRO indicator. The main principle of the strategy is to buy from the bottom to sell from the top. 

The EA opens a series of orders and closes them at the same point with profit. The strategy is anti-trend, so it goes well with trend-type advisors, for example:

Profitable products for successful trading: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/neurofx/seller

Note: the EA Parameters are set to EURUSD_H1 BY default (trade type only SELL). For other pairs and timeframes, you should find your own parameters.

In the settings you can set the step between the triggers and the trigger number from which to start trading. The size of the trigger is set as a fixed lot or % of the Balance or in martingale mode with the increase of each next trigger.

Main parameters of the EA:

Trade Mode -determines the type of trade (Buy only, Sell only or ALL)

Lot Type -select the method of calculating the lot

Fix Size - fixed lot size

Step increase lot for Martingale - step to increase the size of the dot for martingale

Auto MM -lot size is set as % of Balance

Min Step between orders -distance in pips to the next order

Filter value - the level of the signal line for the ReverseWave indicator, which is built into the EA and is a signal filter

Start Signal bar -the number of the signal bar from which the trade is started

Depth of trend -trend depth parameter for scalping Reverse indicator calculation

MA period -parameter for calculating the ReverseWave indicator

Notification settings - configure notifications
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