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Fractal Pattern Indicator MT4

Overview on Fractal Pattern Indicator

Fractal Pattern Indicator is the first indicator that allows you to analyse Fractal Patterns in price and time. Its concept and practical application were originally developed and researched by Young Ho Seo.

In Fractal space, price and time are the independent variables that we have to predict in our trading. The indicator is designed to predict the moves in  price and time. Considering that time based strategy is rare, this is very unique indicator with full range of time analysis.

In doing so, this indicator uses the Fractal Decomposition Analysis (FDA technique was originally created by Young Ho Seo). Fractal Decomposition Analysis allows us to study the seperate Fractal Cycles in order (i.e. also known as Fractal Cycle Analysis).

The indicator will output the probability information for the future turning point projection. You have an access to this probability information for small, medium, and large fractal cycles at the same time.

How to Use Probability information for turning point prediction

Probability presented in this indicator has the same meaning as the usual one. Hence, the probability presented in this indicator will tell you the likelihood of an event happening. In this case, the event is when we will likely to have a turning point (i.e. peak or trough). Based on this, you can use this indicator for serveral different purposes:

1) Catch Extreme move in price and time using Probability Envelope Study

2) Price Based Strategy + Time Probability Confirmation

3) Time Based Strategy + Price Probability Confirmation

4) etc

Small, Medium, and Large Cycle

In your trading, you always need to concern more than one cycle. Hence, this indicator provides you three important cycles for your trading. All these valuable information can be accessed in just one button click. For your information, scientifically speaking, probability information provided in small cycle is slightly more accurate than medium and large cycle due to availability of data.

Trading Strategy with Fractal Pattern Indicator

Fractal Pattern Indicator provides the potential for trading with following approaches.

1. Statistical arbitrage

2. Structural break

3. Helping to detect more accurate rising wedge, falling wedge and triangle patterns

4. Improving Harmonic Pattern and X3 pattern trading with probability filter

5. Trading with Mother Wave with high turning point chance

6. any other innovative methods

Before using Fractal Pattern Indicator, you must read and understand this articles below.

Article explaining Fibonacci Probability Grid


Article on how to use Turning Point Probability for your trading.  


Mother wave is the wave nesting several child waves inside. Mother wave provides the important entry for your trading.

Here is how to configure the alert and signals for Mother Wave Pattern Detection (i.e. Trading Strategy 5).


Here is the article explaining how to combine turning point probability with Harmonic Pattern, Elliott Wave Pattern and X3 Pattern.


Fractal Moving Average Indicator

Every Fractal Pattern Indicator users are adviced to use it with Fractal Moving Average Indicator together. The full features of Fractal Moving Average indicator can be used with Fractal pattern Indicator. It is free.


Further Note about Fractal Pattern Indicator

Fractal Pattern Indicator can be used on its own. However, because this indicator provides valuable probability information for your trading, you can always combine with different trading system. Following indicators can be used together with Fractal Pattern Indicator.

Profitable Pattern Scanner
Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner
Mean Reversion Supply Demand
Elliott Wave Trend

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Versão 12.2 2020.02.19
In version 12.2, Fractal Pattern Indicator has the ability to detect Mother wave that is the bigger patterns nesting the smaller patterns inside.
Versão 11.8 2020.02.12
In Version 11.8, we have made some improvement over the graphical objects and alerts.
Versão 11.6 2020.02.03
In Version 11.6, we have added capability of detecting Superimposed Fibonacci Levels. Superimposed Fibonacic Levels are those levels that fibonacci level of small and large cycles are overlapping. Typically we can observe high volatility around this level. When condition met, this superimposed level can be good breakout or reversal level for your trading.
Versão 10.8 2020.01.23
In version 10.8, we have made some minor improvement on Probabilty Fibonacci Graph.
Versão 10.7 2020.01.22
In Version 10.7, we have added Probability Fibonacci Grid, this is the enhanced version of Probability Grid. With Probability Fibonacci Grid, you can access the powerful capability of both Probability and Fibonacci Analysis. The best of the best.
Versão 10.2 2020.01.20
In Version 10.2, we have made many new powerful features including the addition of Joint Probability Matrix and Enhanced Probability Grid. You can check the new features from the updated screenshots.
Versão 7.7 2020.01.12
In version 7.7, minor improvement was made inside Fractal pattern indicator.
Versão 7.6 2020.01.11
In Version 7.6, Fractal Market Profile was added to Fractal Pattern Indicator. Fractal Market Profile can be used together as part of your tactical decision making on buy and sell decision. Of course, Fractal Market Profile can be switched on and off.
Versão 7.3 2020.01.09
In Version 7.3, You can choose between Full Probability Grid and Light Probability Grid. Light Probabilty Grid might be easier to read in chart although both carries exaxctly the same information.
Versão 7.0 2020.01.06
In version 7.0, use switch on and off Probability Envelope alert and display in your chart.

To switch off Probability Envelope study, set Use Probability Envelope = false
Versão 6.8 2019.12.29
In version 6.8, we have added X and Y Label in the Probability Grid to improve the readibiity of each probability.
Versão 6.7 2019.12.27
In Version 6.7, minor improvement was made.
Versão 6.6 2019.12.27
In Version 6.6, we have added Probability Grid to the Fractal Pattern Indicator. With Probability Grid, you can accurately measure the turning point probability of any peak and trough in your chart. In addition, more enhanced analysis is possible all together with Probability Grid.
Versão 6.1 2019.12.26
In Version 6.1, We have added several enhanced features for your trading. Fractal Pattern Indicator can now send you alerts for several differnet settings according to your preference and trading styles.