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Algorithm Trader

Next Price is $50 (any time)

Target Price is $150 

Signal - Click here

This is an expert advisor that uses trend indicators to enter market at a very precise and safe price level to open trade. Opened trades are close with a well defined rule. Stop loss and profit target are provided for every trades.


    Pair -  EURUSD 

    Timeframe -  Any timeframe.

    Low spread brokers

    Minimum initial Balance - $300.


    VPS that is available 24/7

    low spread

Input Parameters

  •     Display_EA_Name  - if  set true, dashboard of the EA is displayed.
  •     Magic_Number - trade identification number,
  •     UseMoneyManagement - if true, the EA will calculate lot size to use in opening initial trade by using the value of MaximumRisk parameter     below;
  •     FixedLots - Fixed trading volume for every open positions;
  •     MaximumRisk - percentage of initial deposit to be used in opening a single trade;
  •    DecreaseFactor - value used in calculating the next trading lot if  the previous trade is a loss trade. The higher the value, the lower the next trading lot;
  •     ClosePositionOnFriday - if set true all the open positions will be closed on Friday night
  •     Usetrailingstop - if set true, the EA will trail the profit with the use of inbuilt railing set up;   
  •     First Take Profit - First Profit target for trade opened.
  •     Second Take Profit - Second Profit target for trade opened. 
  •     Stop Loss - Stop loss for every trade.

       Fell Free to ask any question about the EA.

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    Versão 1.20 2020.01.06
    1. Error of trading lot limitation is fixed and resolve when "Usemoneymanagement" parameter is set to false and lot is set greater than 0.01
    2. Closeallpositions on Friday parameter error is fixed and resolved.
    Versão 1.10 2020.01.01
    1. Buying strategies added!
    2. selling strategies updated!