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Pips Collector Robot

Pips Collector Robot

It is a robot that trades a grid system using multiple currency pairs and depending on the auto risk factor settings can be used as a martingale trading system as well.

All pairs can be traded from one chart or from multiple charts.

If trading the same pair on one account a different magic number (Orders' ID parameter) and (Comment For Orders parameter) is recommended to distinguish between both.

The Pips Collector robot has the ability to trade up to 100 inputted pairs.

All orders for each pair will be automatically closed using a profit level.


It is best to choose a forex broker with low spreads and fast execution for better results.

Test on a demo account before using on a live account to see how the robot performs.

For an account of leverage 1:500 and an initial balance of $2,000 it is best to use auto risk factor of 1.0

The expert can open multiple orders on the trading account in stages.


Leave the default settings as is and adjust the 'Risk Factor For Auto Lot' parameter to the desired risk. The lower the number the lower the risk

For back testing use the H1 time frame.


The Pips Collector Robot can be used on any mt4 chart that is available by your chosen broker: forex pairs, spot metals, commodities, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, etc.

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