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GoldHunter is an intelligent grid trading system focusing on gold trading.


1 / Add positions by increasing positions
2 / fixed spacing
3 / The first order take profit uses mobile stop loss
4 / Multiple orders in one direction, using high and low pairings
5 / long-short hedge trading

  • Applicable to gold trading, any timeframe.
  • ECN account or Standard account works well
  • PC or VPS works well


Lots                      -trades
Distance               -markup interval
First_StartTrailing -First Stop Loss
TP1_Order             -Take Profit Order 1
TP1                        -Take Profit Amount 1
TP2_Order             -Take Profit Order 2
TP2                        -Take Profit Amount 2
TP3_Order             -Take Profit Order 3
TP3                        -Take Profit Amount 3
TP4                        -Take Profit Amount 4
Magic                     -ID
OrderCmt              -order notes

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