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Ma 3 Ducks Bot


Expert adviser MA 3 Ducks Bot - Based on the manual famous trading system 'Three Ducks Trading System'. The basics of the system is very easy - it consists of three moving averages (mode exponential - adjustable) on three different time frames, in this case they are applied to time frames M5,H1 and H4. Together they indicate where the price is at the moment on these time frames,is the price above it's average or below.

The basics of the entry signal itself which is always on time frame M5 - Let's take a buy signal as example. The adviser always searches for the most recent high's and low's to establish levels for entry signals but first of all these three ducks (3 Ma's) needs to be confirmed and lined up on all three time frames M5,H1 and H4. In this 'buy' entry signal example all three ducks needs to be above it's average plus the price on time frame M5 needs to break above the recent highest level established. If not, there won't be a signal...if the price brake above and candle close above this level an entry signal is given to open a buy trade. For a sell signal all ducks needs to be confirmed down and the price then needs to break below the lowest level established and candle close below the level.

This adviser can work as a 'Manual' trade assistance where you open your trades buy your self with the help of the advisers given signals from the system or you can use the adviser in 'Auto' mode where it trades fully automatically by the system. Why these two modes then? Well it depends on what type of trader you are, some like to do this system manually to better have full control over the situation and some just like to have it fully automatic


  • Fully automatic trading or manual trading mode - the choice is yours
  • Automatically assigned Magic number/chart or you can define your own
  • Automatic or manual stop loss assignment to your orders
  • Signal alerts - Popup alerts and sound,push notifications and email. These works only in 'Manual' mode
  • In 'Manual' mode there are six types of orders to chose in trading - Buy,Sell,BuyStop,SellStop,BuyLimit,SellLimit
  • Profit lock - partially order percentage close with activate level for closing start - adjustable
  • Virtual/regular trailing stop 
  • Spread filter - Avoid market entry's when spread is to high (works only in 'Auto trading mode'
  • ADX trend search filter - Searches for and establish the trend direction and strength
  • Visual colorized signal dashboard with all vital information you need to know when it's time to enter the market when you trade manual.
  • Practically works on any currency pair and account type. Never tested for trading with stocks, it could work maybe....
  • Low deposit - minimum $200.

Auto trading mode

    If 'Auto' trading mode chosen it's vital that you first optimize this adviser for the currency pair you wish to trade on. Default settings should only be used on EurUsd M5! It's fast and convenient to do it all as the adviser works with 'Open price mode' in strategy tester.

    Adviser settings

    I refer to screenshots or you can visit the blog post - If you have any questions just PM me.

    MA 3 Ducks Bot settings and optimization guide you find here https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/731682        

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    Versão 1.8 2020.03.27
    This version;
    1: Order module improvements
    2: Auto stop loss added as option
    3: New risk assessment system 3 in 1
    4: Small dashboard fix.
    5: New optimized settings in 'Auto assistance' mode
    6: Small changes and reorganized to input variables
    Versão 1.7 2020.01.07
    This version;
    1: Trailing stop improvement, settings adjustments
    Versão 1.6 2019.12.22
    This version;
    1: Signal improvement
    Versão 1.5 2019.12.07
    This version;
    1: Signal dashboard update - Now possible to toggle position between right or left corner.
    Versão 1.4 2019.12.03
    This version;
    1: Added function to search for trend direction with ADX. Main ADX trend strength plus Di+ and Di- used in calculations
    Versão 1.3 2019.12.03
    This version;
    1: A bug fix in reversed order close function. As i believe this function would only work good in a very strong trend and a huge disadvantage in choppy, flat or week trendy market conditions i recommend to not use this function to much. I recommend to hold on to take profit/stop loss orders all the time to get the best results out of a trade.
    Versão 1.2 2019.12.02
    This version;
    1: Added spread filter with external input. Works only in 'Auto trading mode' and will be automatically turned off in 'Manual mode'
    This setting can be turned on/off (optional)
    Versão 1.1 2019.11.30
    This update;
    1: Minor correction to a switch function