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True Points PRO EA

The EA has an active trading panel that makes it easier for the trader to work manually and shows the main parameters of the indicator and the EA.

The EA has two types of orders. Both orders are opened based on the signals of the True Points PRO indicator. The difference is that the first order can be closed at the specified Take Profit level or at the indicator signal. The second order is closed only at the signal of the indicator.

You can set Trailing and StopLoss for each of the orders.

Before use, you should search the optimal parameters for each specific symbol and timeframe with the help of the True Points PRO indicator: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/43090

To get TP_Histogram (basement indicator) for free please make a review and rating for TruePoints EA or TruePoints PRO indicator and contact me via email: profitcamp@mail.ru

Description of the EA parameters:

Trade mode- BUY/SELL/ALL signal type selection function

Keep the Signal-parameter to confirm the signal during manual trading (if true-the signal can be confirmed all the time until a new signal or its cancellation, if false-the signal can be confirmed only until the end of the current candle)

Trade user's trigger - allows the EA to manage or modify orders opened by the user independently (does not apply to orders of other advisors)

Use Swing function - function of "clearing" of unprofitable orders. Works on the principle of a shifter when the SL level is reached and the coefficient is applied. (it is necessary to set the SL level for each order)

=== Swing function settings === function "No loss" orders to breakeven.  Important: STOP LOSS must be set for the function to work

Multiple lot size for Swing - multiplier strategy Swing function (it is recommended not more than 2.0)

Stop New orders (wile are using Swing function) - the function prohibits opening new orders while open orders are under Swing function control

Use Order #1 (#2)- flag to use order # 1 (#2)

Lot type-order calculation type (Fixed / % of balance /martingale)

Fix size - fixed order size

Step increase for Martingale-increase Step for martingale strategy (used on the second and subsequent orders in the series)

Auto MM (%of Balance) - % of balance (for example 10% of 1000 $ corresponds to 0.1 order size)

Stoploss-indent size for the level SL

Takeprofit-size for TL level

TPBreakEvent (0-not use) - breakeven function (transfers the order closing level to the breakeven zone + spread when the price reaches the specified range)

Trailing (0-not use) - parameter sets the level for Trailing Stop (sliding SL)

Trailing step- step to change the trailing parameter

Magic number- unique number (must not match other expert advisors)

=== Indicator settings === (the settings of the EA and True Points PRO indicator should be the same)

Amplitude - amplitude determines the frequency of signals

Calculated Type - the type of calculation O/C or H/L

Open Volume Level (recommended 10-30) - level to open orders (the lower the number the more signals to open)

Close Volume Level (recommend 1/2 of OVL) - level for closing orders (the lower the number, the more often orders will be closed). It is recommended that 1/2 of the Open Volume Level. It is impossible to do higher than Open Volume Level parameter.

Multiple orders (Max number) -the maximum number of orders in a series

Skip Bars for the next signal - number of candles to skip the next signal

=== Notification settings ===

Alert - pop-up notification window in MT4 terminal

Sound notification -sound notification in MT4 terminal

Push notification -notification to your mobile phone.

It is necessary to configure this function in MT4 terminal. Link to instruction: https://www.metatrader4.com/en/trading-platform/help/setup/settings_notifications

For all questions, please contact us by e-mail: profitcamp@mail.ru or in our group: https://t.me/INFINITY_trading

mrkaib 2020.03.11 21:02 

Very good EA. I'm excited. :-)

One should adjust the settings for each Forex pair separately.

Versão 1.20 2020.03.22
-fixed a bug
Versão 1.10 2020.03.16
- added "Skip Signals" parameter
- added "Close only profitable series" parameter