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RsiStochAlert LongProfitFx

This indicator provide alerts when price is out of overbought/oversold regions.

It’s based on RSI and Stoachstic indicators. You can decide to use both indicators or just one of them (only RSI or only Stochatic).

When oversold/overbought levels are crossed from oversold/overbought region, an arrow is drawn on the chart indicating a possible buy/sell opportunity.

You can decide to receive a standard alert on MT4 and/or a push notification on your Metatrader app.

You can configure the indicator by specifying:

• RSI and Stochastic periods

• Oversold/Overbought levels for both RSI and Stochastic

• Arrow size

• Distance of arrows from prices

• Maximum number of bars you want the indicator to analyze

Link Telegram Channel for help settings

Installation guide indicator RsiStochAlert LongProfitFx

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Versão 1.1 2019.11.24
Alert system improved