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FX Exploit AutoPilot

FX Exploit AutoPilot is a multicurrency Expert Advisor, an advanced trading panel, a ready-made trading system with the ability to trade both manually and automatically

  • More info in blog: #1 #2 #3 #4
  • Signals on MQL5: link (mixed trading)

Based on FX Exploit Profit Hunter, the FX Exploit AutoPilot Expert Advisor has taken the best from it, but is equipped with a simple autopilot system that implements automatic trading with one button for faster and more comfortable trading

FX Exploit multicurrency trading system is based on the concept of trading in a wide flat, during low activity on the forex market. The active market is a market that is expanding and has a movement-oriented power. One currency flows into another. There can be strong trends. If the market activity is low, we see a flat. Sometimes it is a wide flat

Built-in monitor measures market activity on all 28 currency pairs and from 5 timeframes simultaneously

Built-in signal indicator (FX Exploit Calm Trader) indicates the direction of Buy or Sell for making deals

  • The signal indicator uses the daily time frame (D1) to search for reversals
  • Activity monitoring uses 5 timeframes from M5 to H4

As a result, the FX Exploit AutoPilot system constantly scans the entire currency market, but it is installed on any timeframe of any currency pair.

Built-in autopilot system:

  • - Easy setup
  • - Starting and stopping with one button
  • - Automatic market activity detection
  • - Automatic opening of positions
  • - Working on time
  • - Custom trading days
  • - Disabling autopilot when automated trading disabled
  • - For convenience, the basic autopilot settings are displayed

Trade panel features:

  • - Quickly open charts of currency pairs with your templates
  • - Quickly open transactions
  • - Installation and removal of stop loss and takeprofit in one click
  • - Setting and removing stop loss and takeprofit for all orders in one click
  • - Lighting of positions without stop loss or takeprofit
  • - Multi-currency trailing stop
  • - Trailing stop order basket from breakeven point
  • - Closing the order basket by total profit/loss in the deposit currency
  • - Closing by time
  • - Spread monitoring on all pairs with an alert when expanding
  • - Monitoring of market activity with notification at high activity
  • - Trading signals with sound notification with indication of Buy/Sell direction, currency pair and time


    • Start the autopilot or trade manually (see the user manual for FX Exploit Profit Hunter)
    • three trading strategies are available:
    • Scalping - when the price turns around and returns to the level
    • holding of transactions from 3 to 24 hours by a basket of orders, with closing
    • Mixed trading strategy: scalping and basket orders
    • Trade in the European and American sessions
    • DO NOT trade in an Asian session
    • Trade in a quiet (calm) market
    • DO NOT trade in an active market
    • DO NOT trade on strong news days (you can use FX Exploit News Catcher to do this)

    It is possible to use a grid of orders - in a calm market in a wide flat, the price tends to return to the level where 
    The first signal from the signal indicator for today (see user manual for FX Exploit Profit Hunter

    We hold the order grid for not more than 24+/- hours. No longer required, as we will have more opportunities to earn.

    Almost every day there are signals, almost every day there is profit (based on the statistics on days from trading signals)

    Deposit: $10,000-20000 of lots 0.3-0.5 per pair
    Deposit: $1000-2000 lots 0.03-0.05 per pair
    Average profit: 100-1000$/day on deposit 10000-20000$ (*) 
    Average profit: $7-70/day on deposit $1000-2000 (**)

    * It all depends on the number of signals

    Trade a limited number of pairs, e.g. 3-5, with the ability to use a grid of up to 4-5 orders per symbol 

    At the same time, as I have already mentioned, the order grid does not need to be held for more than 24+/- hours

    Main settings

    • The full list of parameters of the Expert Advisor is available at - here

    Be sure to have all 28 pairs in the market watch window. Select "Show all symbols"

    Before using it on a live account, try out the EA on a demo account

    A lot number of examples of using the EA in trading on the live market here ->

    Try, learn, earn!

    Carl Rodriguez
    Carl Rodriguez 2019.12.16 22:51 

    Absolutely brilliant! Used on Demo for first day. MEGA profitable. Used on REAL account next day... MEGA profitable. Definitely use on DEMO for practice to see what this system will do. It will surprise you. Then when live you can be confident in its MEGA profitable abilities! Aliaksandr is the #1 author on MQL5.

    fjtully 2019.12.03 18:51 

    I have just purchased the Fx Exploit Auto Pilot. There is a learning curve with this EA. I am waiting for the Author to send me a set file. The EA I think has real potential as it brings in the higher TFs into trade the trading. When I have learned more about the EA and its performance I will let you know.

    Versão 2.5 2020.04.06
    Improved basket and symbol order closing function, corrected errors
    Fixed interface errors
    Added new parameters to the settings
    Added setting for break-even operation
    Added button on the panel to enable/disable break-even operation
    Added a separate lot job for currencies with GBP currency
    Due to the update of the variable list in the settings, old set files may not work!
    Versão 2.2 2020.03.03
    The program interface has been changed
    New parameters have been introduced in the settings
    As a result, old set files may not come up with the new version of
    Added a button on the panel that turns on or off total profit/loss closing for the symbol
    Added Grid button that enables or disables the operation of the EA in order grid building mode
    Versão 2.1 2020.02.08
    Fixed closing errors at common profit for the symbol
    the behavior of the autopilot button has been changed - when it is enabled outside of trading time (now it is not disabled, but the alert is displayed).
    Versão 2.0 2020.02.04
    - Added notification if the autopilot cannot open a trade (it happens that we are not working at the right time, or on this day trading is prohibited or automatic trading is disabled).
    - Added closing by profit/loss of basket of orders for one symbol each
    - In the order sending function, the check of lot size now displays a warning to check the character specification
    - Some corrections to the code
    Versão 1.9 2019.12.27
    Fixed found errors after previous updates
    The names of some parameters have been changed, but their order has not been changed
    Year refreshed
    Versão 1.8 2019.12.26
    -- hot fix
    Versão 1.7 2019.12.26
    Added a filter by currency pairs, a list of currency pairs that will not participate in trading (both manually and via autopilot function).
    If you prohibit the output of the signal indicator signals during strong market activity, now the existing signals in the signal column are reset.
    Fixed some inaccuracies
    Versão 1.6 2019.12.23
    Now the clear signal button resets the equity line (max profit/max loss).
    Also added possibility to prohibit the output of signals from a signal indicator when the market is active
    parameter - Send when market is active ? - (true/false) by default = false (in FX Exploit Calm Trader Settings).
    Versão 1.5 2019.12.23
    the clear signal button resets the equity line (max profit/max loss)
    also added possibility to prohibit output of signals from a signal indicator when the market is active
    parameter - Send when market is active ? - (true/false) by default = true
    Versão 1.4 2019.12.17
    For accounts in Euro (EUR) I have added the possibility of displaying profit/loss in Euro (Euro "€" icon)
    Changed the way of placing SL/TP orders with the button (S/T), recalculation of sl/tp for old orders is removed, sl/tp is placed only for new orders
    The SL/TP All button can still be used to remove or add all Stoploss or Take Profit orders with one click, the logic has not changed here
    Versão 1.3 2019.12.11
    changed the order of parameters in the settings, for convenience
    Added the last AutoClearSignals signal (optional) to the field
    added a warning if no trading days are specified or the whole line is empty TradingDays
    Versão 1.2 2019.12.05
    Added new parameter "Trade Once a day ?" (true/false) - the parameter in the true position prohibits reopening of a position by a symbol for today, if a trade was opened and closed by this symbol
    (this parameter is displayed in the Autopilot settings panel)
    Fixed errors in trailing button, order baskets button
    Fixed misprint from version 1.1
    Added parameter "Width between action buttons" (in the Panel Settings section) - it allows to increase the distance between Action buttons and position information columns
    The "Use grid?" parameter == false (is default now)
    Versão 1.1 2019.12.03
    Fixed an error when sending an order
    Added a text label on the autopilot panel with the trade permission