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Success Channel Pro

All indicators that professional traders use for successful trading in one indicator.

You will have more than 5 of the best indicators that it can help you unbelievably for make a successful trade.


  • Identify overbought, oversold and market turning points without repainting with ZigZag Channel
  • Identify market trends simply and easy with ZigZag Channel
  • Show Pivot levels with the best formula
  • Automatically detect important fibonancci levels
  • Show Support and Resistance levels based on fractals and the abiliy to change input parameters and calculations
  • Show market information on chart including swap long-swap short-spread and symbol name
  • Show time markets including GMT, London, NewYork, Tokyo and your broker
  • Ability to filter and further improve your trading strategies
  • Works in all symbols and all timeframes.
  • Attractive and beautiful appearance

How this indicator will help you



ZigZag Channel parameters
ShowChannel=SHOW/ HIDE
ExtDepth-ExtDeviation-ExtBackstep  (zigzag input parameters)
Channel colors

Pivot parameters
WidthPivot (pivot line width)
Pivot Color

Support and Resistance parameters
SupportAndResistance= SHOW/HIDE
Check_leftbars (search for fractal patterns)
Check_rightbars (search for fractal patterns)

Fibonanchi parameters
Automatically calculate and display fibonacci expansion and retracement based on zigzag indicator parameters
ExtDepth-ExtDeviation-ExtBackstep  (zigzag input parameters)
History (The number of candles calculated)

Information Symbol parameters

Show important symbol information included swap long, swap short and spread

Text Colors

Success is not accident

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1140Wien 2019.12.04 17:15   

Peter Fröhlich

Versão 1.3 2019.12.16
Add clock and time parameter (GMT, New York, London ,...)
Improved performance of market information parameters.("corner" parameter)
Versão 1.1 2019.11.29
Improve a code