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MA of Indicator Crossover Scanner

This scanner is monitoring the entire market for trade opportunities for all symbols and for all time frames. You don't have to look to all the charts, for all symbols and for all time frames. This scanner will alert you on your computer, or on your mobile, when a trade opportunity has been found. You never have to miss a trade opportunity!


This indicator is designed to scan all pairs and symbols, for all selected time frames, to find a cross of the selected indicator and the moving average of this indicator.


The scanner will send an alert if the selected indicator crosses the moving average of this indicator. In the settings you can select which indicator you want to use: RSI, CCI, ADX or ATR. Example: if you select RSI as indicator, the scanner will send an alert if the RSI indicator crosses the value of the moving average of the RSI indicator. 

To filter out noise, you can specify when it should send an alert with the High level and Low level parameters. The scanner will only send an alert if it found a cross of the indicator with the moving average of this indicator, and if the indicator value is higher then specified in High level or lower then specified in the Low level.

Other features:

  • Scans all symbols visible in your Market Watch window, or all symbols available for your broker at the same time.
  • Indicator only have to be installed on one chart to scan the entire market.
  • Specify which time frame you want to monitor. Each time frame can be selected in the settings.
  • Receive Alerts in the MT4 terminal for each trade opportunity found.
  • The dashboard will show the latest alerts provided by this Scanner. When you click on an alert in the dashboard, a new chart will be opened for the applicable Symbol and time frame. The new chart will highlight the alert with a vertical line.
  • Receive Alerts on your mobile phone, so you never miss a trade opportunity! (MT4 notifications are use)
  • Low CPU usage.


  • Download the Indicator in your MT4 terminal after you have purchased the product.
  • Place the indicator on one chart in your MT4 terminal (it does not matter what chart is used, any symbol and time frame can be used), and from that moment the entire market will be scanned for all pairs and symbols, and for all time frames as you have configured.


    ----------- General settings ----------- 

    • Send signals to Alert Message Box: If set to true, alerts will be issued to your MT4 terminal
    • Send signals to Mobile (Notifications): If set to true, alerts will be issued to your mobile using the MT4 Notifications
    • Scan pairs in Market Watch only: If set to true, only pairs and symbols within the MT4 Market Watch will be scanned. If set to false, all pairs and symbols available for your broker will be scanned and monitored
    • Symbols To Scan: You can enter symbols you want to scan by this scanner in this field. The symbols needs to be the same as they are shown on your Market Watch window. The field is case senstive. Each symbol needs to be separated by a comma (,).
    • Alert and Scan for each Xx bar: If set to true, pairs and symbols are scanned for each new bar of the applicable time frame

    ----------- Indicator settings --------—

    • Select Indicator
    • Indicator Period: The period for the selected indicator
    • Indicator High Level: Used to filter noise
    • Indicator Low Level: Used to filter noise
    • MA Period: Period for the moving average of the indicator

    ----------- Display settings -----------

    • Show Dashboard on chart: If True, a dashboard will be shown on the Chart with the latest alerts provided by the Scanner
    • Clear Dashboard at start of new Day: If True, all alerts will be removed from the dashboard at start of each new trading day
    • Define Text color: Define the text color for all the text on the dashboard
    • Define Background color: Define the background color
    • Maximum number of Alerts printed on Chart
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