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Fishing Network

Fishing Network

Fishing Network is a fully automated multicurrency grid neural trading system that does not use locking, martingale and other dangerous strategies for controlling the exit from drawdowns. Network construction is carried out from the “core” using the distance factor of the following levels and, in the future, the construction of the next core in order to minimize losses and continue to make a profit when the market moves sharply and moves away (away from the core).

The main direction of Fishing Network is aggressive trading to disperse the deposit. You can use conservative trading when changing parameters.

Key features and benefits of Fishing Network:
1. Ideal for lovers of aggressive trading
2. the construction of neural networks is carried out using the distance coefficient from the core for both the following levels and to the next core
3. contributes to the rapid dispersal of the deposit
4. does not use martingale and other risky strategies with increasing lots to exit drawdowns
5. trading takes place on one account on one currency pair, which does not overload the terminal and contributes to its speed
6. easy to use and has a minimum number of configurable parameters, everything else is calculated automatically by the robot

Recommendations for use:
1. cent accounts calculated (10 ye = 1000 currency units = 0.1 lot)
2. timely withdrawal of earned funds
3. use on one account only on one currency pair

Recommended Options:
- timeframe - any
- default settings

- lottery calculation - 1 USD cent account = 100 currency units 0.01 lot)

The test results were carried out on a segment in the last 8 months with a modeling quality as close to reality as 99.9%. As you can see, with moderately risky settings and a fixed lot, the deposit increased by more than 800%

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Versão 1.1 2019.11.06
Algorithms for opening secondary networks changed