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Elliott Wave Tool 7pasos

7pasos Elliott Wave tool is a new way to label your Elliott wave counts not only easily but precisely as well.

One of the keys to successfully count the Elliott waves lies in following the rules and guidelines diligently, and here is where 7pasos Elliott wave tool gives you more support.

With this tool, you can count all the waves from the Primary degree to the micro-sub minuette without the need to release your hand from the mouse.

Just select in the panel the desired degree and your wave count (could be the principal or up to 4 alternative counts).

With the plus button, you start your wave count signaling with the price arrow that appears the exact extreme where your wave count will start.

Once it is placed, the panel is ready to insert the next wave in this structure.

Are you tired of having to place the entire sequence of waves in an impulse or reaction to label another structure? As elliottician, you know that the most common method is to find the waves that are extending so there is the need to start the wave count of one structure, and then change the wave degree to count another structure that develops during the last one. Well, with 7pasos Elliott Wave tool, the problem has been solved, so you don’t need to place all the waves to start a new structure labeling. You can change the structure or degree and then resume the wave labeling of the older structure just touching any of the wave labels already in place.

One of the most great features of 7pasos Elliott wave tool is the capability to show in a temporary way the projections for the end of the next wave based on the mostly common waves projections for each wave. Thanks to this, your chances to accurately count the more probable scenario increase greatly.

And if you break some rules, for example, placing a b wave of a zigzag below the origin of a one, when you touch the wave to see the projections, the 7pasos Elliott wave tool will make a sound and will correct the wave position where the rules say it should be, so you don’t miss the break of the rule.

During the wave count you may need to change the degree of the actual structure. Just press one of its wave labels and the buttons up or down, and all the placed labels will adjust at your command.

When you have finished counting a structure, just press the check button to release from the scope of the tool and have the structure-degree free for the next occasion.

If you want to take back the last labeled wave, just press the back button.

The panel has controls to advance or retrace structure, degree, or wave count.

And when you do not need to place any more waves for the time, just press the collapse button to reduce the panel to a single button.

As well, if you prefer to change the panel to any part of the chart, just select the hand button by double clicking it and drag to a new location. The panel will follow it, as soon as you release the button.

7pasos Elliott Tool can be released from the chart and later added again, and the functions of the wave projection of the waves under scope of the tool will keep working.

7pasos Elliott Wave tool had been designed not only for the experienced elliottist but as well as a resource to reduce the learning curve for novices. That is why, it includes a help button that, when pressed, displays a synthesized information about the actual wave pattern that is selected on the tool. There are 8 different help screens, one for each wave pattern that the Elliott wave tool is capable to count.

7pasos Elliott wave tool is fully customizable in wave colors and can work with our special Elliott wave font or with standard characters if you don’t have our free 7pasosElliottWave font installed in your PC.

When you install your 7pasos Elliott Wave tool for the first time, write me to send you the instructions to install the help images and 7pasosElliottWave font.

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Versão 6.30 2015.01.26
Added the option to set the buttons' background.
Versão 6.20 2014.12.22
Corrected a bug in the help display for patterns in English.
Versão 6.10 2014.09.24
Improved compatibility with ElliottWaveAssistant indicator (EWA):
- Now it can show grade and pattern type of waves calculated using EWA.
- Deletes buttons from EWA.
Versão 6.0 2014.09.11
Added ability to read waves produced by the new ElliottWaveAssistant.
Versão 5.0 2014.06.02
I reformed the system accuracy of the tool, now no longer uses global variables, so when you send your template from one MT4 to another retain their accuracy (still have a backup system based on the waves tags).
Improved the wave recognition system.
Changed the wave 0 mechanics, before with arrow price was noisy in counts, now when adding the first wave (1 or A) changes to a
discrete line that becomes invisible when temporary lines are removed by the automatic system or when you switch to another wave (only 1 origin is seen at the time (the one of the wave where you are working on).