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YPY EA Initium Basic

Based on the specifics of the multicurrency architecture, the   expert cannot be tested in the terminal strategy tester.

YPY EA Initium Basic is a multi-currency trading robot, which uses an adaptive scalping strategy during the European/London session based on virtual trading of synthetic instruments from various currency pairs.

Each virtual strategy uses only one synthetic order to trade. The expert uses about a hundred strategies with different synthetic instruments. The EA trades all these strategies at a virtual scope, aggregating virtual orders into real orders opened on the account.

The system does not use any martingale/averaging methods.

Some constituent currency pairs always play a hedging role in a synthetic instrument. 

This EA is being constantly adjusted by the developer for short-term trading on the current market through regular updates.

The "Basic" version of the YPY EA SInitium robot is installed   only on EURUSD M15 chart and automatically uses for multicurrency trading the following instruments: AUDJPY, AUDUSD, CHFJPY, EURCHF, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURUSD, GBPCHF, GBPJPY, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY, XAUUSD.

In Basic version, orders can be opened only by one synthetic instrument of all supported (where the first signal appears)

The developer's signal monitoring.

Key Features

  1. Unique synthetic trade allows you to change the market for trading purposes, and not to adapt to the market as in regular trading
  2. The absence of dangerous algorithms
  3. Fully automated trading with automatic adaptive control of spread size
  4. Each virtual strategy uses only one synthetic order to trade
  5. Each order has real protective dynamic SL and TP levels
  6. Easy to use, optimization is not required

Description of the Main Expert Advisor Settings

  • TradeMode = Trade/Pausetrade/Stoptrade:
    • Trade - trading mode.
    • Pausetrade - when this mode is enabled, the trading complex continues maintaining existing orders without looking for new entry points in order to progressively complete the trading on the account.
    • Stoptrade - when this mode is enabled, the trading complex immediately completes the trading by closing all of its orders.
Closing the EA orders in any other way is prohibited, as well as the transfer of the EA to another terminal without the files it creates in the MQL4\Files folder.
  • AutoMM - system for automatic calculation of lot size based on the free equity, taking the deposit currency into account.
    • Extreme/High/Medium/Low/Minimum - risk levels.
  • MinLeverage - minimum leverage required for opening new orders.
  • MinMarginLevel - minimum margin level of the account as a percentage, which is required for opening new orders.
  • BrokerWinterTimeZone - each user can check this winter time zone directly with his broker.
  • BrokerDST - each user needs to set the daylight saving time system used by the broker (USA or Europe)


  • Each used portfolio of strategies was successfully tested by the developer on history over the past 24 months (current market) by using its own software and technology know-how. It is recommended to check out the EA operation on a demo account;
  • It is recommended to always use the latest version. To update, it is sufficient to download the latest version of the EA and attach it to the chart instead of the older version. All previously opened orders will be maintained by the new version accordingly.
  • Requirements for the trading conditions:
    • Any broker with the ECN, DMA, STP, NDD account types, with market execution and tight spreads for the night market.
    • Minimum leverage 1:20 / Recommended leverage: 1:100 and higher.
    • Minimum deposit: $3000 / Recommended deposit: $10000 and above.

Sergey Zhuravkov
Sergey Zhuravkov 2019.09.18 14:18 

И снова ЮПИ...

Versão 10.0 2019.11.25
A global update of all virtual strategies for all instruments was made in order to adapt the advisor to the current market.

All users are recommended to update the expert to the latest version.
Versão 9.2 2019.11.04
The core of the trading logic was optimized to increase the speed of calculations.

A global update of all virtual strategies for all instruments has been made, which will allow the trading system to trade more often.

Added the ability to update the trading system in the presence of open orders of the latest published version. To update, just download the latest version of the expert and install on the chart instead of the previous one, all previously opened orders will be accompanied by the new version in the proper way

All users are advised to update the expert to the latest version.
Versão 8.0 2019.10.28
Attention important update

We have updated the core of trading logic.

Now the trading system trades more often without forcibly closing open orders in front of a bank rollover. As a result, there will be swaps, as well as orders can remain open for the weekend.
Versão 7.6 2019.09.25
Trading efficiency has been improved due to the activation of the partial order closing algorithm at the virtual level.