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Dream Hunter

The Dream Hunter is a news trading EA that works with all currency pairs. The algorithm is calculated using a complex formula, that considers the sharp price changes in one direction or another. The Dream Hunter shows good results with large spread values as well. The ЕА trades both pending and market orders.

Getting started with Dream Hunter

  1. Broker with no execution delays or requotes, with an order execution time less than 200 ms;
  2. Broker server connection time – less than 100 ms;
  3. ECN account type;
  4. High-end computer;
  5. To display the news, it is necessary to add the "http://ec.forexprostools.com" address to the list of allowed URL on tab 'Tools-Options-Expert Advisors';
  6. Timeframe: M1;

Main Settings

  1. OrderTotal - the number of open orders;
  2. MaxSpred - the maximum allowed spread for opening orders;
  3. LotSize - lot size;
  4. Risk - if Money Management is used, specify the risk percentage;
  5. TakeProfit - take profit;
  6. StopLoss - stop loss;
  7. TrailingStopLoss - trailing stop distance;
  8. TrailingTakeProfit - take profit trailing distance;
  9. StartHour - trading start time (0-24);
  10. EndHour - trading end time (0-24);
  11. Slippage - maximum allowed deviation of the price for market orders (buy or sell orders), specified in points;
  12. EstablishStopLossTakeProfit - place real stop loss and take profit (true/false);
  13. PendingOrder - place pending orders (true/false);
  14. TrendOpen - consider the trend on the Н4 trend (true/false);
  15. MoneyManagement - fixed lot or a percentage based dynamic lot (true/false);
  16. LONG - trading direction: buy (true/false);
  17. SHORT- trading direction: sell (true/false);
  18. NewsFilter - trade news only (true/false);
  19. TableNews - display the news on the chart (true/false);
  20. GMT - time offset between your broker and GMT. Required for the correct operation of the NewsFilter;
  21. MinutesToTheNews - the number of minutes before the news release to start trading;
  22. MinutesAfterNews - the number of minutes after the news release to stop trading;
  23. Newshigh - trade high-impact news (true/false);
  24. Newsmedium - trade medium-impact news (true/false);
  25. Newslow - trade low-impact news (true/false);
  26. NewsSymbol - if set to " " uses the news of the current symbol, if set to "USD,GBP,CHF" uses the news for the specified symbols. In addition, it automatically switches to the chart, where the selected currency is quotes with USD;
  27. SignalNews - enable signal during a news release (true/false);
denby2 2016.09.28 09:24   

I rented this EA, I'm trying and I opened 2 operations and 2 and all wrong, is not worth anything this EA

Versão 1.10 2016.09.28
Fixed placing of TakeProfit and StopLoss.