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The entry is carried out by signals of RSI and Stochastic indicators, in overbought/oversold zones, plus additional entry conditions according to the author's algorithm.

Recommended timeframe - M15

Input parameter

  • MagicNumber – magic number, the identification number of a couple.
  • slippage – slippage
  • Lots – lot size
  • DepoPer001Lot – automatic lot calculation (specify the number per unit 0.01 lot) (if 0, the lot value from the Lots parameter is used)
  • TakeProfit – Take profit
  • Stop_Loss – stop Maximum, usually closes early on a signal
  • Max trades – Maximum number of simultaneously opened orders in one direction
  • Min dist reopen (pips) - How many points to open an additional order at the second signal

Signal settings

  • PeriodRSI – RSI indicator Period
  • RsiChannel – channel Width at the exit for which will be checked the conditions for entry at 20 is 70/30 (50+20/50-20)
  • KPeriod – Period (number of bars) to calculate the line %K stochastic
  • DPeriod – Period of averaging for calculating the %D line of stochastic
  • Slowing – Value of slowing of stochastic indicator
  • StochChannel – channel Width at the exit of which the conditions for entry will be checked, similar to RSI
  • Max_Spread – Maximum spread at which new orders are opened

Close setting by time

  • Exit_Minutes – Time after which the order will be closed
  • Time_Profit_Pips – Minimum profit at which the order can be closed by the time filter

Trail settings

  • Trailing Start – Number of points to start a trailing stop
  • Trailing Distance – Distance from the current price (in points) to which the stop loss will be moved after the trailing stop is activated
  • Trailing Step – trailing Step

The time intervals to search for entry signals

  • Monday – Intervals for Monday
  • Tuesday – Intervals for Tuesday
  • Wednesday – Intervals for Wednesday
  • Thursday – Intervals for Thursday
  • Friday – Intervals for Friday
  • HourShift - time Shift for brokers with other GMT
  • SendEmail - Send the result of closing trades to Email

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