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Telegram forwarder


Telegram Forwarder will forward all order executions as a signal message to Telegram messenger. Traders are able to manage what type of order execution and modification is going to be forwarded. Destination of forwarded message is manageable. Destination could be a Telegram channel name, username, or a group ID. Both the channel name and username are a name consist of characters when group ID is a digit number. This EA notifies the Telegram destination almost real time so it can be used also for trade copy. It can also forward indicators' alert to Telegram with a little bit modification on indicator code. You can contact author for this modification. This EA can daily forward from one to thousands of messages to Telegram when you buy it. Telegram forwarder covers all type of order executions and modifications such as "new order", "modification order", "Pending order", "Close order", "TP hit", "SL hit", "Expiration", and "Partial close".

This EA works with built in Telegram bot for your convenience and personal use but you can ask the author to use it for professional business purpose.


  • Detects open and close of both position and order
  • Detects all type of modifications such as stop-loss,take-profit, pending price, and expiration modifications
  • Detects position close reasons like TP hit, SL hit, manual close, and pending expiration
  • Calculates profit or loss amount in both pips or currency amount
  • Support eleven different types of text message formatting for each order execution type
  • Sends screen shot of relevant chart and watermark
  • Sends daily message in specific hour
  • Support emoji and currency flags
  • Support trade reporting


    • Enable/Disable the forwarder
    • Destination ID (a name of channel or username or ID of a group)
    • Enable/Disable screenshot / resolution setting
    • Screenshot time-frame
    • Screenshot watermark
    • load a template for screenshot
    • Enable/Disable - skip old orders
    • Daily message send hour
    • Daily message text
    • Day interval to send trade report
    • Formatted text for trades report
    • show profit - pips/base currency
    • Enable/Disable pipe line to indicators
    • Pipe line name to indicators - name of pipe line for communication between EA and indicator
    • Ignore pipeline's old messages (seconds)
    • Magic (identification) number of orders

    How to configure Metatrader terminal to work with Telegram

    1. press Ctrl-O and select "Expert Advisors" tab
    2. Check "Allow WebRequest for listed URLs"
    3. Add https://api.telegram.org to URL list

    You do not need to make Telegram Bot. This version works with internal bot

    1. Create a channel or group and invite/add members
    2. Add this bot @TLGforwarderII_bot to your group or channel
    3. Send your first message to the channel/group and write "This is Telegram Forwarder"
    4. Follow the instruction given in the product video clip.


    Ten type of different customized formatting are available for different type of signals

    1. New Signal
    2. SL modification
    3. TP modification
    4. SL/TP modification
    5. Pending orders modification
    6. Pending order activation
    7. Close, TP hit
    8. Close, SL hit
    9. Pending expiration
    10. Order close

    In formatting input fields you can write everything you like and you can use a specific identifier that Telegram Forwarder distinguish it and replace it with relevant value.

    These identifiers are according to following list

    $sig# signal number
    $N new line
    $type type of order
    $symbol symbol of order
    $op open price of order
    $opentime open time of order
    $closetime close time of order
    $exp expiration time of pending order
    $tp take profit
    $sl stop loss
    $pre_tp previous TP value
    previous SL value
    $loss loss amount of closed order
    $pre_openprice previous pending price
    profit amount of closed order

    You can also use following identifiers in periodic messages.

    $NumberOfOrders number of orders
    $NumberOfProfitedOrders number of profited orders
    $NumberOfLossOrders number of loss orders
    $TotalProfitAmount total profit amount
    $TotalLossAmount total loss amount
    $ProfitFactor profit factor
    $TotalProfitPips total profit in pips
    $TotalLossPips total loss in pips
    $PipFactor pip factor (profit pips/ loss pips)
    $NetProfit amount of net profit
    account balance

    Comentários 40
    Muaiad 2022.01.18 09:57 

    Hi Yasser thank you for this product ... really its good. I have 3 questions pls: 1- after every signal sent to telegram; there is a promotion from the bot itself (to promote Ziwox product) ... how we can avoid it? || 2- The EA sending each signal 4 times + 4 ads !!! (its very annoying) || 3- any discount available for the paid version! Best regards

    Budiman Lays
    Budiman Lays 2021.12.05 00:33 

    Great EA, but would recommend to add Entry price and Close price at “Close” alert

    Rosemarie DaCosta
    Rosemarie DaCosta 2021.11.17 02:11 

    What if you can't edit the indicator code can it still forward the alerts?

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    Lógica de trabalho O utilitário Stop Out é um indicador simples, mas muito conveniente, que mostra quantos pontos faltam para o nível Stop Out / Seu benefício está no fato de que muitos traders superestimam deliberadamente o risco na negociação em busca de lucro, usam a margem disponível no máximo e, neste caso, é muito importante saber onde o corretor pode fechar suas posições à força. Basta colocar o indicador no gráfico e, dependendo da posição aberta em Compra ou Venda, você verá a ma
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    Background  This is the free version which has all features except that the lot is limited to the minimum size (0.01) and disabled Martingale Settings. To get the Full Version  Please Click Here Scalping Hero is an unique EA adapts a complicated way of analysis of  27 pairs  together on all available time-frames to get you the best possible trades then filters them to only give you the most accurate winning trades it observes the price trend on each pair separately then links it with other pairs
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    MT4 To Telegram is an app that communicates with a Telegram bot to share your orders flow or even broadcast trade signals from Metatrader 4 terminal to a Telegram group or channel. Once you have connected MT4 To Telegram to your trading account and Telegram channel, your trades are sent immediately. Features Telegram channel, group, chat compatible Multiple MT4 installations Easy to use No delay Hashtags for quick searches Settings apiKey : Telegram API token chatId : Telegram chat ID Id :
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    This is a forex supporting tool for all manual traders. You can close positions immediately at once on the MT4 Terminal by a single click. CLOSE SELL: You can close SHORT positions of the target currency pair (same as the chart you’re using this EA). CLOSE BUY: Same as above but LONG positions will be closed. CLOSE ALL: All opened positions will be closed (no matter of currency pairs). You can select the closing method from CLOSE ALL or CLOSE ONE BY ONE. You can choose the positions to be close
    This indicator will show you the tp and sl values in dollars and in pips on mt4 platform. very useful to know how much money you will win or lose. just drug it into the chart and it will be loaded and run on the open of trades. Please Leave a 5 Stars Rating I am sure you will like it 100% dont forget to rate me as well  check the rest of the free indicators, most of these indicators are for day tradind.
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    Apresento um robô útil que eu mesmo uso há vários anos. Pode ser usado nos modos semiautomático e totalmente automático. O programa contém configurações flexíveis para negociação nas notícias do calendário econômico. Não pode ser verificado no testador de estratégia. Somente trabalho real. Nas configurações do terminal, você precisa adicionar o site de notícias à lista de URLs permitidos. Clique em Serviço > Opções > Conselheiros. Marque com V a caixa "Permitir WebRequest para os seguintes UR
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    ATTENTION THE PRICE WILL INCREASE ALWAYS MORE !! If you are here, it is because you are curious about Performing Forex Tool. The tool is based on the real movement that the Forex market , using real mathematical calculations based on the percentage change. Because Forex is math. Okay, you want a proof. CONTACT ME.  Math is not an opinion. Performing Forex Tool is based precisely on this mathematical relationship that exists between the various currency pairs. You will know in advance in the blin
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    O painel de negociação é um assistente multifuncional para negociação, que o ajudará a fazer transações de forma rápida e fácil e a gerenciar ordens com competência. Você não precisa calcular o risco antes de cada negociação, o utilitário calculará tudo sozinho. Você apenas especifica a porcentagem de risco uma vez, e o painel de negociação aplicará esse risco para cada negociação, selecionando o lote ideal para cada negociação. Você não precisa esperar por certos eventos, por exemplo, quando o
    100 USD
    Um assistente multifuncional que combina mais de 36 funções em uma única interface. Importante : o arquivo do programa deve ser colocado no diretório de "Experts"! Versão de ensaio / descrição pormenorizada Contate-me para quaisquer perguntas / ideias para melhoria / no caso de um bug encontrado O utilitário está dividido em 4 seções: 1. [Open]: novas operações: cálculo do lote / risco: 1. Cálculo do lote: com base na dimensão do risco; 2. Cálculo do risco: com base na dimensão do lote; 3
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    Telegram MT4 Signal Trader é um EA que ajuda você a negociar sinais recebidos por meio de canais, grupos e bate-papos do Telegram. Você nem precisa ser o dono dos canais. Se você pode ler os textos de sinal em sua conta do Telegram, você pode negociar todos eles. O EA precisa de uma ferramenta gratuita incrível - o aplicativo Telegram Reader que ajuda a ler textos de sinais de canais, grupos e bate-papos privados do Telegram por meio da API do Telegram. COMO CONFIGURAR Leia o guia do usuá
    199 USD
    Ultimate Trailing Stop EA
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    This EA Utility allows you to manage (with advanced filtering) unlimited open orders (manual or EA) with 16 trailing stop methods: fixed, percent, ATR Exit, Chandelier Exit, Moving Average, Candle High Low Exit, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic, Envelope, Fractal, Ichimoku Kijun-Sen, Alligator, Exit After X Minutes or Bars, RSI and Stochastic. The trailing stop can be either real or virtual, and you can exit fully or with a partial close percent on touch or bar close.  Moreover, you can add (overr
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    Save time placing orders and automate entry under your conditions Video tutorials and manuals   here . Find contacts on my   profile . Money Management -  Risk percentage position size calculator, gain percentage, target risk reward ratio, spread and commissions are included in calculations Safe Trading -  Protect orders before big news spikes and Monday opening gaps (spread & time filter). Stop loss hunt protection. Place or remove orders when market is closed Mobile Notifications -  Mobile p
    118 USD
    The product will copy all telegram signal to MT4   ( which you are member  ) , also it can work as remote copier.  Easy to set up. Work with almost signal formats. Work with all type of channel or group, even channel have "Restrict Saving Content". Work with multi channel, multi MT4. Work with Image signal. Copy order instant, auto detect symbol. Work as remote copier: with signal have ticket number, it will copy exactly via ticket number. How to setup and guide: Let read all details about setu
    189 USD
    VirtualTradePad mt4 Extra
    Vladislav Andruschenko
    4.98 (50)
    Painel de negociação para negociação em 1 clique.  Trabalhando com posições e pedidos!  Negociar a partir do gráfico ou do teclado. Usando nosso painel de negociação, você pode negociar com um clique no gráfico e realizar operações de negociação 30 vezes mais rápido do que o controle MetaTrader padrão. Cálculos automáticos de parâmetros e funções que tornam a vida mais fácil para um trader e ajudam-no a conduzir suas atividades de trading com muito mais rapidez e conveniência. Dicas gráficas
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    Hoang The Manh
    5 (1)
    NOTE: DEMO VERSION CANNOT WORK IN STRATEGY TESTER. for DEMO version:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/76917 __________________________________________________ This EA  - Tool allow you replay bar in Meta Trader 4 for back test. This Tool can back test in multi timeframe in only one chart. This Tool is very useful for Price action trader. It can work with Indicators. Main feature:  Candlestick forward and backward to Backtest the market Simulate order entry, measure RR, SL, TP Support manu
    50 USD
    Trade copier MT4
    Alfiya Fazylova
    5 (14)
    Trade Copier é um utilitário profissional projetado para copiar e sincronizar negociações entre contas de negociação. A cópia ocorre da conta / terminal do fornecedor para a conta / terminal do destinatário, instalada no mesmo computador ou vps. Principais funcionalidades e benefícios: Suporta a cópia de MT4> MT4, MT4> MT5, MT5> MT5, MT5> MT4, incluindo contas "MT5 netting". Alta velocidade de cópia (menos de 0,5 seg). Os modos de fornecedor e destinatário são implementados no mesmo produto. Int
    40 USD
    Grid Manual MT4
    Alfiya Fazylova
    4.73 (15)
    "Grid Manual" é um painel comercial para trabalhar com uma grade de ordens. O utilitário é universal, possui configurações flexíveis e uma interface intuitiva. Ele trabalha com uma grade de pedidos não apenas na direção da média das perdas, mas também na direção do aumento dos lucros. O trader não precisa criar e manter uma grade de pedidos, tudo será feito pelo ""Grid Manual". Basta abrir um pedido e o "Grid manual" criará automaticamente uma grade de pedidos para ele e trabalhará com ele até q
    50 USD
    O kit de ferramentas de ação de preço EA é projetado principalmente para cambistas, mas pode ser usado em todos os prazos para entrar rapidamente no mercado com dimensionamento de lote calculado corretamente com base no seu nível de parada. ordens) e, em seguida, ajuste as paradas e obtenha lucros à medida que o mercado se move. Para obter uma lista completa de todos os recursos, configurações e estratégias de práticas recomendadas, clique aqui: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/748072 Ent
    49 USD
    Vladislav Andruschenko
    4.78 (58)
    Copiadora comercial para MetaTrader 4. Ele copia negociações, posições e pedidos em forex de qualquer conta. É uma das melhores copiadoras comerciais  MT4 → MT4, MT5 → MT4 para a versão COPYLOT MT4  (ou MT4 → MT5 MT5 → MT5 para a versão COPYLOT MT5 ). Versão da copiadora para o terminal MetaTrader 5 ( МТ5 → МТ5, МТ4 → МТ5 ) -  Copylot Client MT5 O algoritmo de cópia exclusivo copia exatamente todas as transações da conta principal para a sua conta de cliente. O produto também é conhecido por
    40 USD
    What Exactly Is A Smart Trading Tool? Smart Trading Tool was developed for fast and comfortable trading of the financial markets especially for ORDER BLOCKS TRADERS . It provides traders functionalities, such as: A Drawing Tool One-Click Trading Panel Automated Lot Sizes Calculation based on your risk appetite & Money Management ( Watch this video , how this tool can help manage your risk per trade better!) Built in PRICE LEVELS (Fibonacci, Round Numbers, Daily hi-low, etc) Shows Trading Informa
    125 USD
    This is a visual strategy builder . The way it is supposed to be. Turn your trading strategies and ideas into Expert Advisors without writing a single line of code. Generate mql source code files with a few clicks and get your fully functional Expert Advisors, which are ready for live execution , strategy tester and cloud optimization . More information about the product, including some real life EAs creation examples can be found in the article: https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/4951 Mission A
    199 USD
    Roman Zhitnik
    5 (2)
    The Expert Advisor is a risk manager helping users to control their trading. In the settings, it is possible to specify the parameters at which the risk manager force closes the opened trades and closes the terminal as well, if it is needed to prevent opening trades on emotions, which do not correspond to the trading strategy. Link to Version for MetaTrader 5  Risk Manager settings Check limit to close   - check the equity limit Limit to close   - equity limit that is taken into account Check d
    59 USD
    Ultimate MT4 to Telegram  (UMT) sends controlled trades (via symbol, magic, comment) to your telegram channel. It sends open and closed trades, including pending orders and TP/SL modifications, along with chart screenshots, to any telegram channel. Additionally, you can send trade reports of open trades and summary profit/pip reports for day, week, or month. You can customize the design of the trade actions or reports with variables and emoticons.  A beautiful panel allows you to visualize a
    100 USD
    Live Forex Signals é projetado para negociação em sinais do site   https://live-forex-signals.com/en   e   https://foresignal.com/en . Parâmetro Nome de usuário e senha se você tiver uma assinatura para sites live-forex-signals.com/foresignal.com. então você deve preencher esses parâmetros com suas credenciais; se não houver assinatura, deixe os campos em branco; TimeOffsetInMinute    deslocamento do tempo de negociação em minutos, o parâmetro padrão é adequado para a maioria dos corretores; Co
    200 USD
    MT4 to Telegram Signal Provider is an easy to use fully customizable utility that allows sending of specified signals to Telegram’s chat, channel or group, making your account a signal provider. Unlike most competing products, it uses no DLL imports and can be run on MetaTrader VPS. No knowledge of Telegram API is required; all you need is provided by the developer. MT5 Version:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/78603 Caution: MT4 to Telegram Signal Provider is ONLY available for sale th
    59 USD
    Auto Trade Copier
    Vu Trung Kien
    4.92 (84)
    Auto Trade Copie é projetado para copiar negociações entre multi contas/terminais MetaTrader 4 com 100% de precisão. Com esta ferramenta, você pode atuar tanto como um provedor (origem) ou um recebedor (destino). Todas as ações de negociação serão copiadas do fornecedor ao recebedor sem demora. Demo: Versão demonstração para teste pode ser baixado em: https://www.mql5.com/pt/market/product/4904 Referência: Se você precisa copiar entre diferentes locais através da Internet, por favor veja o Tra
    79 USD
    Everything for chart Technical Analysis in one tool Quick tip: Draw your supply demand zone with rectangle and support resistance with trendline and get alerts to mobile phone or email alert -  Risk reward indicator mt4 Video tutorials and manuals   here .  Find contacts on my   profile . 1. Extend rectangle and trendline into future -  Trend Support Resistance Object will be extended into future when price will draw new candlesticks on chart. This is rectangle extender or trendline extender
    98 USD
    Take a Break
    Eric Emmrich
    5 (17)
    Please check the "What's new" tab regularly for a complete and up-to-date list of all improvements + parameters. Take a Break has evolved from a once simple news filter to a full-fledged account protection tool. It pauses any other EA during potentially unfavorable market conditions and will continue trading when the noise is over. Typical use cases: Stop trading during news/high volatility (+ close my trades before). Stop trading when Account Equity, Balance or Margin is low. Only trade on spe
    70 USD
    VR Alert
    Vladimir Pastushak
    O programa VR Alert é feito como um indicador para informar o trader no momento quando o preço atingir um nível especificado. Os níveis de sinais para intervenção podem ser estabelecidos não apenas horizontalmente, mas também como níveis inclinados. Assim o trader pode receber notificações que vêm de níveis inclinados de sinais para intervenção. Graças ao programa VR Alert, agora não é necessário passar muito tempo na frente de monitor. Você pode dedicar o tempo para cumprir afazeres domésticos,
    65 USD
    Mais do autor
    Set TP and SL like Financial Institutions Traders' TP expectations do not often occur and their SL often hits when they only rely on primitive indicators like pivot-points and Fibonacci or classic support or resistance areas. There are a variety of indicators for support/resistance levels, whereas they are seldom accurate enough. Classical support/resistance indicators, often present miss levels and are not noteworthy based on current market volatility dynamic. Fibonacci is good but not enou
    69 USD
    Smart Safe Steady
    Yaser Sabbaghi
    5 (1)
    You may see how Martingale EAs crudely re-open doubled size new trades in fixed steps and continue this rudimentary decisions until to reach account call margin; this is a big problem. The resolution to this problem is a Smart EA that calculates accurate entry points for every single order, a Safe EA that observes market volatility to exit from high risk situations and conditions, and finally a Steady   EA to satisfy traders and investors for a long period. This is why this EA is called Smart S
    59 USD
    Telegram Forwarder II
    Yaser Sabbaghi
    3.67 (3)
    Telegram Forwarder can forward all activities related to trades and position taking as a signal to Telegram messenger. It can also forward indicators' alert to Telegram if you modify indicator code (I can do it for you too) to hand over alerts to Telegram Forwarder. This EA is intended for business and professional usage. You can introduce your own Telegram bot and customize water mark in screenshots. Telegram forwarder is able to forward signals for "new order", "modification of order", "Pendi
    69 USD
    Smart Safe Steady Free
    Yaser Sabbaghi
    4 (9)
    This SMART Expert Advisor trades SAFE and STEADY a nd manages all position's risk. This is why we call it Smart Safe Steady . Features Scalper: It is Scalper EA, but does not accept risk a lot to trade over sized, although you can bypass it's default setting in your own risk. Conservative: It is not going to keep trades open in high volatile market so it is SAFE and would close the trades even in zero profit. Martingale: This is not loss accepting so in case of loss, it runs special type of M
    Exponential Momentum
    Yaser Sabbaghi
    5 (2)
    Advanced and affordable momentum indicator that fade the fake move of market. It is smoothed because of special sophisticated exponential averaging calculation. It is also similar to special type of CCI with more tolerance to overbought or oversold conditions with built-in momentum indication. This indicator is able to empower your trading as a trend detector, CCI and market momentum scale measurement. Features Smoothed to filter uncomfortable noises. Non-Lagging Exponential averaging. Line or
    50 USD
    Intelligent CCI
    Yaser Sabbaghi
    4.43 (7)
    It is CCI indicator with very smooth and noiseless movement that calculates four levels of buy, sell, overbought and oversold dynamically. Professional traders know well that level of 100, 200 or -100 and -200 are not always right and need fine adjustments. This indicator calculates those levels dynamically by using mathematics and statistic methods in addition to shows divergence between indicator and price. Like original CCI, for best result you have better to set proper value for CCI period b
    49 USD
    This indicator shows the realistic and precise trend. The plotted line as a trend indicator is the best secure place to set the stop-loss. In case that trend is bullish you will see the plotted line under the candles and in the case of the bearish market, the plotted line is on the upper side of candles. Buy paid version of this indicator which it is Statistical Support Resistance .
    Triangle Trader
    Yaser Sabbaghi
    5 (3)
    Triangle Trader ( Triangile Trader ) This EA assist professional traders for semi-auto trading. It takes position when the price break out the hypotenuse and adjacent leg of TRIANGLE in the chart. When the trader can not distinguish the trend and possibility of both BULLISH and BEARISH break out are expected, this EA will be trader magic stick. At this EA, trader needs to adjust two plotted Trade Lines in the chart as Hypotenuse and Adjacent Leg of a TRIANGLE . The opposite leg will be draw
    30 USD
    Are you subscribed to receive trading signals via e-mail? Are you a signal provider and going to send signals via email to your client? This EA is a wizard to automatically scan all received e-mails through e-mail client software for trading signals. EA only reads received email's with specified subject from designated sender not all e-mails. EA scan email's body, explore it for keywords, match keywords with intended patterns, then extract the signal from email's body. The extracted signal
    192 USD
    Muaiad 2022.01.18 09:57 

    Hi Yasser thank you for this product ... really its good. I have 3 questions pls: 1- after every signal sent to telegram; there is a promotion from the bot itself (to promote Ziwox product) ... how we can avoid it? || 2- The EA sending each signal 4 times + 4 ads !!! (its very annoying) || 3- any discount available for the paid version! Best regards

    Octavianus Bilondatu
    Octavianus Bilondatu 2021.12.15 01:35 

    is something wrong with my chat id?? e.a cant accepted my chat id

    Budiman Lays
    Budiman Lays 2021.12.05 00:33 

    Great EA, but would recommend to add Entry price and Close price at “Close” alert

    Rosemarie DaCosta
    Rosemarie DaCosta 2021.11.17 02:11 

    What if you can't edit the indicator code can it still forward the alerts?

    Vahid Mosaffa
    Vahid Mosaffa 2021.10.05 07:07 

    It's a very useful EA for signal providers, with nice custom settings.

    crix08 2021.07.29 02:45 

    I have been using it for a few months, it is an excellent product and meets all my needs ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Mehdi Faraz Fard
    Mehdi Faraz Fard 2021.07.10 13:13 

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    Suigo 2021.06.27 06:20 

    great product, how can i contact you for more understanding and enquiries?

    GOLDEN4XKING 2021.06.13 10:58 


    Heribertus Amat
    Heribertus Amat 2021.06.08 08:54 

    Very simple to configure.

    Alfredo Idalgo
    Alfredo Idalgo 2021.04.19 21:41 


    HECTOR VIRGEN MENDOZA Virgen 2021.02.27 22:33 

    This is very nice and simple to add to your Telegram. Thank you very much.

    kamyar9 2021.02.23 10:26 

    my ea isnt work

    MAN TAK 2021.02.21 15:03 

    Good job

    Edgar Dario Ortigoza Vera
    Edgar Dario Ortigoza Vera 2021.02.10 12:10 

    Very Good, thanks for share

    axel ndjore
    axel ndjore 2021.02.03 23:43 

    Great But I wanted an indicator which can work even if my pc is turned off

    Yaser Sabbaghi
    Resposta do desenvolvedor Yaser Sabbaghi 2021.02.04 07:47
    When pc is off, Metatrader is off too. So nothing works. Can you trade when your PC is off?
    fxresults 2021.01.21 09:34 

    Really good EA. And the support from Yaser is very much appreciated!

    ROBERT URBANSKI 2021.01.07 13:30 

    Great job

    Kishor Jayram Khairnar
    Kishor Jayram Khairnar 2020.10.09 06:09 

    Great tool

    MAHMOUD SHWAISH 2020.10.06 16:08 

    good job

    florent522 2020.06.03 23:02 

    Its free but with ads...

    Mahriar mahdavinaderi
    Mahriar mahdavinaderi 2020.05.06 13:38 

    this is very good

    jamileh20 2020.04.14 07:07 

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    Luis Felipe
    Luis Felipe 2020.04.09 19:28 

    Amazing !!! What I really was looking for. Thanks.

    Andre Gomes
    Andre Gomes 2020.02.28 12:12 

    Very good!

    KING HEI WAN 2020.02.02 07:50 

    Thank you for share !!!

    truongkiem 2019.10.14 04:28 


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    thanks for share

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    Paolosup01 2019.08.01 16:42 

    very good EA

    Steve Kandio
    Steve Kandio 2019.07.23 05:07 

    Work very well

    paul_van_reyn 2019.07.09 11:27 

    Very nice bot, thanks!

    Oleksandr Sobko
    Oleksandr Sobko 2019.07.03 17:48 

    Nice work

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    Christopher Martinez
    Christopher Martinez 2019.06.14 03:00 

    Setup was simple. Works perfectly.

    Markus Sichler
    Markus Sichler 2019.06.02 08:39 

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    TheEvoTheory 2019.05.22 15:42 

    10/10 love the product very helpful

    Vu Ba Linh
    Vu Ba Linh 2019.05.21 19:56 

    Simple, fast and that's all I need from this version. Thank you

    aslada21 2019.05.19 01:29 


    John 2019.05.16 20:14 

    Good Idea

    Responder ao comentário
    Versão 2.67 2022.02.07
    - Some minor fixes
    Versão 2.66 2021.11.30
    - improved performance
    Versão 2.65 2021.10.01
    - Bugfix for signal sending in partial close and then the complete close
    Versão 2.63 2021.08.25
    - Added optional custom identifier for custom messages
    Versão 2.62 2021.08.07
    - bugfix for messaging report
    Versão 2.60 2021.02.21
    -Minor bug fix
    Versão 2.59 2021.01.26
    Bugfix: from the last update, this bug appeared when EA did not send Close signals. Now it is fixed
    Versão 2.58 2021.01.07
    -improved to fetch channel id better
    Versão 2.57 2020.12.12
    - Bugfix for Trade Report sending on day interval
    - Emoji support added
    - Delay option added to postpone signal forwarding for new orders (it gives convenient time to set TP or SL)
    Versão 2.54 2020.10.22
    -EA takes a screenshot as PNG file instead of GIF and it increases screenshot quality
    -Bugfix: "How to forward messages" just work with "Get confirmation" not other options.
    Versão 2.53 2020.10.06
    - support to send order size in custom messages with $size token
    - bug fixed, when the MT4 failed to open a new chart for taking a screenshot
    - bug fixed, when a pending order is closed, EA show profit/loss amount at Not available
    - added feature for getting confirmation before to forward a messages
    Versão 2.52 2020.06.04
    -Better interactive Token check and channel id verify
    Versão 2.50 2020.05.21
    - support to send order size in custom messages with $size token
    - bug fixed, when the MT4 failed to open a new chart for taking a screenshot
    Versão 2.48 2020.05.01
    -bugfix when the user choose NoScreenshot and EA open new charts and did not close it
    Versão 2.47 2020.04.24
    -better support for Channel name and Channel id
    Versão 2.46 2020.04.24
    - Bug fix for issue to send message in some specific situations
    Versão 2.45 2020.04.16
    -minor bug fix for chart template load
    Versão 2.43 2020.03.25
    -improvement for user convenience; EA can fetch Channel ID by itself now. The user needs to add @Telegram_Forwarder_II bot as a channel member. Then the user should type /initiate account_number when account_number is MT4 trading account number of the user.
    Versão 2.3 2020.02.28
    -It is possible to disable some type of signals by setting the input text to null
    -bugfix; some times EA send the wrong chart belonging to another symbol
    Versão 2.2 2019.07.14
    - some issues fixed
    Versão 2.0 2019.07.03
    -Improvement in manage signals