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Fundamental Scanner MT4

Fundamental Scanner is a Non-Repaint, Multi Symbol and Multi Timeframe Dashboardbased on Fundamental Indicator. Fundamental Indicator have a powerful calculation engine that can predict market movement over 3000 pips (30000 points). The indicator is named fundamental because can predict trends with large movements, no complicated inputs and low risk.

Features :

  • Multi-Symbol Support (Support automatic listing of market watch symbols)
  • Multi-TimeFrame Support (Over 7 customizable timframes with on/off ability)
  • Calculate overall signal in 5 steps (Strong Sell, Sell, Neural, Buy, Strong Buy) according to customizable importance of each timeframe.
  • Clicking on any cell, Open a chart with corresponding symbol and timeframe and a user defined template.
  • Show signal direction with colors on dashboard panel
  • Show number of candles past from signal direction change. (Trend Length)
  • PopUp Alert or Send Notifications when signal direction is changed.
  • Show report columns with ability of closing positions with one click.
  • Three different themes for dashboard panel.
  • No need to purchase or rent Fundamental Indicator separately. Only if you want to apply indicator on chart template, you need to do this.

Input Parameters :

  • Sensitivity : Sensitivity to market local price changes. Options : Low, Medium, High
  • Dashboard Location on Chart : Five different options for locating dashboard
  • Display Positions Volumes and Profits : If enabled, EA shows three extra columns of position volumes and profits with on-click closing option.
  • Dashboard Theme : three different themes
  • Action on Signal Box Click : Nothing / Open New Chart / Change Current Chart
  • Template Name for Opening Charts : Scanner can apply your desired template for new opened charts. You can click on each sell to open new chart with desired symbol and timeframe.
  • Alert On Signal Change : if true, a popup window will be shown when trend direction is changed.
  • Send Notification On Signal Change : if true, a notification will send to phone when trend direction is changed.
  • Symbols in Dashboard : Two options : All Symbols In Market Watch, Only Selected Symbols
  • Selected Symbols : Comma separated symbol names for scanner, if above option set to "Only Selected Symbols"
  • Time Frame n : Up to 7 columns are supported in EA. You can select different timeframes for each column.
  • Time Frame 1 Importance (Weight) : from 1 to 5 stars. This is used for calculating Overall Signal. 5 Star means maximum importance of timeframe, 1 star for minimum importance.

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Shortcut Group is ready to help you about using the EA, Please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Versão 1.2 2020.08.14
- Added options on chart opening mode
- Added highlight of current symbol
Versão 1.1 2020.08.13
Optimized display of scanner on high-resolution displays.