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Asian Time Trader

Asian Time Trader is a fully automated Scalper Trading System which trades on Asia markets only.

Mean reversion system is used for basic entrance algorithm. Momentum and ATR are main indicators of system.

The Expert was tested in 7 years of EURUSD historical real tick data. Please download it and test it yourself. Asian Time Trader aims to keep the trade results stable. 


  • Symbol: EURUSD
  • TimeFrame: H1
  • Broker: ECN/STP Brokers, low spread & low commision
  • Minimum Deposit: 200 $

Input Parameters

  • Broker's Winter GMT Offset: Your broker's timezone in winter (Default +2). If you are not sure about these parameters please ask your broker.
  • Broker use Daylight Saving Time: If your broker's time is observed DST, choose "On". If you are not sure about these parameters please ask your broker.
  • Fixed Lot: If Auto Lot is off, expert uses this value for order lot. (Default: 0.01)
  • Auto Lot: Enable/disable auto lot calculation. If Auto Lot is true, the expert will allocate your selected percentage of balance. 
  • Percentage of Free Margin (0-100): When Auto Lot is enabled and this value is 80, it means expert will use 80% of your balance for trading. This value must be between 0-100.
  • Max Orders: It shows maximum orders on one direction at the same time. If it is 4, it means expert can open maksimum 4 buy and 4 sell orders at the same time.
  • TakeProfit (Points): Real Take Profit in points (Default: 40    optimized for EURUSD)
  • StopLoss (Points): Real Stop Loss in points (Default: 1500    optimized for EURUSD)
  • Max Slippage (Points): Maximum deviation from quoted price (its just for instant execution type brokers)
  • Magic Number: Magic number for this expert's orders
  • Comment: You may add a comment to your trades
  • Spread Filter - Enable: If this is enabled, spread is checked everytime before enter any order. 
  • Max Spread (Points): Maximum spread which is allowed
  • Show AccountBalance Info: Set "On" to see Account Balance Change on real time
  • Alert - Push Notification: Set "On" to receive mobile notifications
  • Alert - Pop-Up: Set "On" to receive pop-up notifications
  • Alert - Play Sound: Set "On" to receive an audible notification
  • Alert - Sound File: Choose your favorite alert sound

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