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Eyes of Kemet Sphinx Grid

Sphinx Grid's primary motive is simplicity and protection of capital.  It trades 26 listed pairs and many others with experimentation with EXACTLY the same internal settings.  

The foundation of the Grid's strategy is based on a Neural Oscillator, which has produced many very profitable conventional strategies, and as I like to say, "give me a good conventional trading strategy and I'll give you a beast of a Grid system."

What is Grid Trading? : https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/725651
HIGH RISK Live Monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/555969

MEDIUM RISK Live Monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/567701
DEMO Monitoring : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/560132

Key Characteristics:

  • Minimum recommended starting capital: $1000 to $3000 
  • Extremely stable growth
  • Simple to operate and capital protection philosophy 
  • Solid and robust market structure based models require no optimization
  • 1 of 2 grid-systems on the market that passes 18 years of stress tests on historical data on multiple pairs. (this is priced at 33% of the other EA);
  • 100% automated
  • A fast VPS is recommended although this Grid is relatively insensitive to spreads;
  • See screenshot 3 for default pairs.  26 pairs but you'll find many more pairs and timeframes.
  • No set-files required; this is a premier type of market structure based model so requires no optimization;
  • Very competitively priced but you'll have to place the EA on a different chart for each pair; sorry but you can't have it all for that price!!!


SIMPLE Parameter List:

  • Magic Number
  • FIFO: First In First Out;
  • RECOMMENDED - Balance Per Lot:  Account Balance of 3000 / Balance Per Lot of 100000 = 0.03
  • Equity Drawdown Stop-Loss percentage: 5 = 5%, 10 = 10%, 25 = 25%.


Recommended Setup:

  • D1/H4/H1/M30:  This EA picks the high probability trades so do not expect loads of trades every day; some days there will not be any as you'd expect from a discerning EA.  Sorry, we don't do random grid
  • Default period H1 timeframe.  Hand on heart, you will find opportunities on every timeframe with M1 producing the most trades.  Like I wrote, this is a market structure based grid, market structure is fractal in nature and the same fractals exist at different resolutions on EVERY timeframe.  However, I only support H1 otherwise I won't have time to do things like getting a bath;
  • Use leverage of 1:500 if possible or adjust parameters to accommodate lower leverage levels.
  • FIFO and Non-FIFO support;
  • It is best practice to acclimatize your emotions to a new EA by trading on a demo for a short period but this is trader choice.

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