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GlobalCopy Receiver

GlobalCopy Recevier is the client part of the GlobalCopy system created for trust management. You can buy the server part here.

Just download and install this utility in your terminal. When installing, carefully enter the server name received from the trader who will manage your account, and send him(her) the client name, which will appear in the pop-up window in the form "Name = Broker|9876543". After that, if everything is entered correctly on both sides, you will see the message "Online" at the top left of the chart. This means that new transactions in the manager's account will be copied to your account.

Using this tool, you should understand that practically all information on your account will be available to the managing trader: balance, transaction history, leverage, etc. But, at the same time, this method of trust management is safe for you, cause the manager can only open, close and modify transactions and orders on your account. No passwords are transmitted and the manager does not have direct access to your account through the terminal.

Important! To work with this utility, you should add the site, which will appear in the alert on the chart with first start, to the list of allowed sites in the terminal: Tools => Options => Expert Advisors => Allow WebRequest for listed URL.


  • Server name - server name;
  • Lot - the volume of opened deals;
  • Slip - control slip;
  • Spread limit - the maximum spread for opening trades;
  • Magic number - deals identifier.
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