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MT4 Telegram Signal Provider DEMO


  • This is a DEMO version of MT4 Telegram Signal Provider EA with full functions
  • In DEMO version, the entry, take profit and stop loss prices are HIDDEN
  • You can get in my telegram channel to see the EA working (with default setting) https://t.me/mt4telegramsignalprovider
  • You can buy the product here https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/3226

  • I have discovered that some VPS block sending signals from mt4 program to telegram program. You can ask about this with the VPS provider or change the VPS provider.
  • Please use the DEMO version thoroughly first before using the REAL version on VPS, to avoid losing the activations due to unsatisfactory VPS.

MT4 Telegram Signal Provider EA is  the best utility on the Market for anyone who wants to become a Professional Telegram Signal Provider.


It will send the Signals and Reports to your Telegram channels, base on your orders in Metatrader 4 program.


  1. Send your signals to MANY CHANNELS: Multi-Telegram channelsEmail, and send push notifications to the  Mobile Terminal.
  2. Scan the order events very FAST: Scan in seconds, not in ticks.
  3. Send information of ALL TYPE ORDERS: Opened (including Pending Orders), ClosedTriggered, and  Modified Orders.
  4. FILTER the sending orders by Order types (trigger, close), SymbolsMagic numbersComments.
  5. Send CHART SCREENSHOTS. The EA doesn’t require any other indicator to take the screenshots.
  6. FULLY CUSTOMIZE Chart Screenshots with ResolutionBackground ImageTemplates...
  7. 2 MODES for sending Chart Screenshots: Base on Comments (best for manual trading) and Base on Magic Numbers (best for auto trading with EAs).
  8. Send the Weekly, Daily REPORTS.
  9. FULLY CUSTOMIZE SIGNALS with Signal structure: Edit your signal texts by the way you want, add pre-text, post-text, emojis... show profit in currency or/and in pips in closed trades, or add any order trade information... just be limited by your imagination.
  10. Customize PIP UNIT: Calculate pip exactly for any symbol, in any broker.


  • The MT4 Telegram Signal Provider EA doesn't execute any order on your MT4 account, it only sends order information to your channels


If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me via messenger or comment.

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Versão 8.12 2019.11.25
The full DEMO version of MT4 Telegram Signal Provider 8.12
In the DEMO version, the values of Entry price, Stop loss and Take profit are HIDDEN.
Versão 8.6 2019.05.19
Fix some bugs in Daily and Weekly reports.
Versão 8.5 2019.05.11
- Add Report Structure function: Now you can almost fully customize your Daily Report and Weekly Report.
- Fix show pip profit bug.
Versão 8.4 2019.05.06
Improve the code and fix bugs
Versão 8.3 2019.04.30
Improve the code and fix bugs
Versão 8.2 2019.04.29
Improve the code and fix bugs
Versão 8.1 2019.04.24
Fix some bugs.
Versão 8.0 2019.04.16
- Improve coding: The EA can catch many order events faster
- Add Cancel Order Event: The EA can detect the Cancel Orders
- Add Some Send Screenshot function: The users can send Screenshot easier.
Versão 7.5 2019.04.11
Fix some errors in Demo version.
Versão 7.4 2019.04.09
- Full Function of Version 7.4
- The Entry, Stop loss, Take profit prices are HIDDEN in the DEMO version.