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Big Ben

A trading expert analyzes W1, D1 and H1 timeframes. In his work does not use indicators. The expert collects a grid of orders, regardless of whether the previous position was nailed down or at a loss (example in the screenshot: 1 and 2). It is very easy to set up an expert, as there are few variable parameters. To protect the account from trading during the expansion of the spread, the MaxSpread parameter has been added, in which you specify the maximum allowed spread for trading. Deals are closed at the beginning of the trend reversal.

Recommended Settings

Currency pair: GBP / USD;

Timeframe: H1;

Minimum deposit: $ 1000;

External Variables

  • Lots - the volume of a fixed lot;
  • LotSizePlus - volume increase for the next lot;
  • MoneyManagement - lot size, which depends on the size of the deposit and the risk level set by the trader;
  • Risk - the level of acceptable risk;
  • Magic - a unique number of orders;
  • Step - the minimum difference in the price of orders in the grid;
  • Slippage —slip;
  • UTC - your time zone;
  • MaxSpread - the maximum spread for opening orders;
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Versão 1.4 2019.05.06
Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой эксперт открыл сделку в сетке ордеров и тут же закрывал всю сетку.
Versão 1.3 2019.03.15
Оптимизирован код, для более быстрой работы.