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Hammer JB

The indicator shows hammer candlestick patterns, inverted hammer, shooting star, hung. The indicator will be an indispensable tool for traders who analyze candlestick charts. You can adjust the shapes to your liking, selecting only candles with a long tail, or a body of a certain size. You can also choose the width of the trend formed before the figure, and turn off the figures that do not take into account.

Indicator settings

What shapes to show - what shapes to show on the chart.
  • Hammer Figure - hammer figure;
  • Inverted hammer - inverted hammer;
  • Hanged - hanged;
  • Shooting star - shooting star;
Shape settings
  • Bars to shape - how many bars to count before the shape appears;
  • The width of the trend (at least) - the minimum trend formed by these bars. Specified in points;
  • How many times a big shadow larger than the body (at least) - how many times a larger shadow should be larger than the body, at least;
  • Minimum hammer shade (large) - minimum size of large shadow, in points;
  • Maximum candle body - maximum candle body (from open to close);
  • Minimum candle body - minimum candle body;
  • How many times a small shadow can be higher than the body - how many times a small shadow can be larger than the body;
  • Alert - notification about signals;
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