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Technical Specialist

Cause a  Technical Specialist always puts Stop Loss and Take Profit - less and more, respectively.

Strategies for Technical Specialist are developed by it partner, a Market Mechanic. All strategies are based on a deep technical analysis of the GBPUSD market and are designed to work in this market.

This is an “turn on and forget” type of EA. You only need to set the risk. On average, a Technical Specialist makes 1-2 trades per week (according to backtest statistics for three years). It will not show excess profits, but it will do 50-70 percent per year on a full automat. And if you know a little about trading and turn it off at the wrong time for work and manage risks correctly, you can get more from it several times.

The minimum recommended deposit for a Technical Specialist is $ 200, but the more the better - the deposit grows faster due to a smooth increase in volume.

It is recommended to work only on a 1 hour timeframe.


  • Magic number - the identifier of the EA transactions;
  • Max trades - the maximum number of simultaneously open trades;
  • Risk (0.01 lot for units of balance) - risk; for example, you want the EA to open 0.01 lots for every $200 of balance — then enter "200" here;
  • Lot - fixed lot;
  • Breakeven - how much to get a plus to make Breakeven plus work;
  • Breakeven plus - how many points profit close by SL;
  • Smart close the loses 1 - how much to go to minus to make Smart close the loses 2 work;
  • Smart close the loses 2 - how many points of loss to close by TP.

Stop Loss and Take Profit are not regulated in the settings, they are sewn into the strategy, but you can change them in the trading process at your discretion.

This advisor must be tested in the "all ticks" mode.

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Versão 1.3 2019.05.21
Correction of default input parameters.