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ALR AutoTrader

The ALR (Automatic Loss Recovery) is an autotrading EA. No matter what condition and strength of the Market the ALR knows the best achievable TakeProfit position to aim for, when to place an order, where and in what direction so as to always end up with profit no matter what direction the initial order was taken or what the Market does; the ALR will always ensure that the trade closes with profit, every time, no exceptions.

The ONLY thing you need to decide is how much profit you want the ALR to make for you with every trade and therefore decide on the risk level that you are happy to take.

This EA surely has to be the most comprehensive, complex, feature rich and with brand new algorithms, formulas, techniques and methods for trading that has EA ever been written: most EA's contain just a few 10's or 100's lines of code however the ALR contains 6000 due to it's vast capabilities and profit making techniques, yet anyone can use it without training because the ALR comes with several templates that will autotrade for you and of which you can select the level of risk and the method/technique (if you wish) that you want the ALR to trade with; or if even that is too much for you then simply select the template that says 'Select this template if you don't want to make decisions or know what to do but just want to go and make profits'.

The execution and performance of the ALR is instant, consistent and 100% bug free and will never fail to place and close orders when it needs to in order to reach profit from every trade. It can be used on any Broker's MT4 platform and you can start with a very small fund and still make good profits every day from that fund.

For more info' please have a look at the many videos on the YouTube channel that explain and demonstrate the ALR in much more detail and shows the ALR in action making profits on various brokers and accounts including live accounts.


Thank you for reading.

ctuf1 2019.02.06 02:39 

Not set on schedule! Your advisor does not work!