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NYsessionEA Pro

NY-SessionEA is an Expert Advisor that trades between 01:00-03:00 GMT hours.

Expert gets GMT time form PC/VPS clock, make sure to insert correct time on your OS.

It can to opens one trade (there is option to make a grid of orders) in each signal with stop loss and take profit.

All signals are generated by indicators.

Expert uses 80 pips stop loss and 7 pips take profit.


  • Pair to trade: EURUSD (with default settings, can to work with settings to find and other pairs to trade).
  • Timeframe to trade: M1
  • You can to start trade with minimum balance, as $50 for 0.01 lot size and account with 1:500 leverage.

You can to get free version from here.


  • Time Start Trade (GMT) - Time to start trade.
  • Time Stop Trade (GMT) - Time to stop trade.
  • Time ReCheck (GMT) - Time check for prices.
  • Level For Prices - Pips different prices.
  • Trade Once At Session - Trade one time per session.
  • Make Grid Of Orders - Option to make grid of orders.
  • Maximum Orders For Grid - Maximum orders for grid.
  • Close Orders On Time - Close orders on defined time.
  • Time Close Orders (GMT) - Time to close ordres.
  • Period Of Indicator - Period for indicators.
  • Fast Level To Trade (from 50 to 100) - Fast level for signals.
  • Slow Level To Trade (from 50 to 100) - Slow level for signals.
  • Place Take Profit - Switch to place take profit.
  • Pips Take Profit - Take profit in pips.
  • Place Stop Loss- Switch to place stop loss.
  • Pips Stop Loss - Stop loss in pips.
  • Use Trailing Stop - Switch to use trailing stop loss.
  • Pips Trailing Stop - Pips trailing stop loss.
  • Step Trailing Stop - Pips step for trailing stop loss.
  • Use Break Even - Switch to use break even.
  • Pips Break Even - Pips fro break even.
  • Profit Break Even - Profit in pips to activate break even.
  • Auto Money Management - Switch for automatic risk management.
  • Risk Money Management - Risk factor for money management.
  • Manual Lot Size - Manually lot size.
  • Recovery Lot After Loss - Switch for recovery losses.
  • Multiplier For Lot Recovery - Multiplier lot size for recovery order.
  • Max Accepted Spread (0=Not Limit) - Limit for maximum spread.
  • Max Opened Orders (0=No Limit) - Limit for maximum opened orders.
  • Accepted Slippage - Limit for maximum slippage.
  • For NDD Broker - Not need to change this set.
  • Play Sound Alerts - Play sound on each operation.
  • Print Information Log - Print information on log file.
  • Orders' ID (0=Generate Automatically) - Magic number.
  • Orders' Comment - Ordres' comment.

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Versão 1.9 2019.02.02
Improved code and settings.