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The Beauty and the Beast

Version 1.7 is Live! with Stop Loss option

Please follow the comments section to get new updates

This EA using a powerful AI algorithm which trying to simulate a human trader behavior.

For more than 24 months, all trading operations performed by a human trader have been introduced into the algorithm

in order to identify repetitive patterns , whether it is a trade setup or managing the risks of an existing trade.

After thousands of iterations , the algorithm was able to identify patterns and setups that were repeated and managed

to trade on its own with very impressive success rates.

The EA use a grid (an averaging down money management) to manage the trades since the AI algorithm found it very useful with high success rate.

The EA survived a very tough backtest with 1000 ms slippage, 8$ commission and variable spread, SWAP costs and all this from 2003 till today!

The EA will not trade each day, it will enter a trade only if he found that the success rate is more than 85 %, you can check in backtest and you will see days without trades.

Live monitoring signal was open at 31/01/2019: 


Default settings (at 16/02/2019 moved to version 1.6)


Working currency pairs: EURUSD / USDJPY / GBPUSD / USDCAD

Working Time Frame : 60 Min (H1)

Minimum Capital : 1500$ USD - A MUST for each 0.01 starting lot! if using also on other pairs , you should have additional 750$ at least per pair in order to have enough buffer.

Risk to use (MM): Low Risk (0.01% - 0.5%, DD expected ~17%) Medium Risk (0.51% - 1%, DD expected ~35%) High Risk (1.01% and up, DD expected ~55% and up ) , all based on history!

High leverage 1:500 recommended

VPS to maintain internet connection.

The Spread is playing a big role determining if there is big events (news) soon, because normally brokers expands the spread before important events, so please keep the Max Spread parameter low (as the average day to day spread).

Broker times must be GMT +2 only, so for example if your broker is GMT +0 in the parameter GMT_Offset you must enter -2, if your broker is GMT +2 you enter 0 at the gmt offset and so on.

please test in the backtester to understand this impact.


  • Symbol to Use - Choose the symbol you want to trade with (for now only EURUSD will be available)
  • Magic - EA's unique magic number , must be different for each currency.
  • Show_TakeProfit_Line - Line that shows what is the average open price and the expected take profit place.
  • Grid_Size_Mode - Grid Lot Size method to use;  Multiply the Grid Size by Last Lots or Multiply Initial lot by Grid Size Factor
  • Grid_Step - The min distance between each new trader , represent as pips not points (ex: 5 = 5.0 pips).
  • Grid_Size - The Lot incremental for the next order (Multiply by the initial Lots).
  • Grid_Max_Trades - The maximum open trades in the same time.
  • TakeProfit - Min take profit target, represent as pips not points 
  • Max Lot - Maximum Lot allowed to be open at the first order only.
  • Use_BreakEven- Option to use BE , true of false.
  • Move_To_Be_After- profit value to move Stop Loss to BreakEven To in pips.
  • Pips_To_Move_To_Be - profit protected by Breakeven.
  • MM- if TRUE, lots are based on the Automatic Money management (Capital % allocation for each lot)
  • Risk - percent of risk to calculate the lot for the first trade.
  • Capital Allocation - Make the EA thinks you have a different capital from the actual , 1 represent 100% of capital , 0.5 represent 50% and so on.
  • Use_Equity_Percentage_SL - Use Stop Loss If the Equity will go below X% of loss - true/false
  • Equity_Percentage_To_Close- The percent to close if the equity goes below (0.5, represent 50% and so on)
  • Use_Max_Basket_StopLoss- Use Stop Loss If the Basket order will go below X amount of $ - true/false
  • Max_Basket_StopLoss_Amount- The amount in base currency to close a basket if it goes below
  • Lots- Initial Lots to use (also for Grid Step Factor).
  • GMT_Offset - as per the comment above in grey.

According to the history, the absolute draw down for 0.03 starting lot was around the 500$, that means if you use the risk % that gives you 0.03 starting lot, you must have at least 3 times this capital (1500$) in the EA account in order to keep it alive, otherwise you might get a margin call 

Joshua Mondragon
Joshua Mondragon 2019.02.10 17:43 

Just rented for the month, impressed by the backtest. From what I can see, the backtest matches the live results. I will be running all 3 pairs on this account from the new update. EU, UC, GU.

As always I will have a link for myfxbook account. This demo will be running at $1500 Equity.

2-10-19 | Purchased | http://www.myfxbook.com/members/Endless_Invest/endless-15k-ei-beast/3169497

Moreno Dainese
Moreno Dainese 2019.02.03 17:49 

nei becktest 5stars

libmil 2019.02.03 17:20 

Keep risks low and this should be a highly profitable EA for us to work the markets with peace of mind.

Seyedmohammad Ramezani
Seyedmohammad Ramezani 2019.01.22 06:22 

Perfect Ea with excellent result on backtest.

i'm going to set it on my live account. i will update my review later.

Eric Ruvalcaba
Eric Ruvalcaba 2019.01.17 02:52 

I really like how this EA is developed, using a neural network to find profitable market patterns which also keeps on evolving and ensuring more profitable updates, promising backtests for all dukascopy database since 2003 using tough considerations at 99.9% quality database, full floating spreads, swaps costs, expensive 8 usd commissions, 700 ms slippages on all execution order types and simulating market execution restrictions. Highly profitable so I think it is worth the risk!

My backtests: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/34276#!tab=comments&page=1&comment=10286308

Sven Ader
Sven Ader 2019.01.15 22:45 

I rent the EA and have it now life on my icmarkets account with very impressive results.

The Backtest matches very exactly with the real trades and also with the trades the Author

show on comments tab.

The Author is very helpful and willing to add new features.

Will update after a few weeks but for now 4 stars.

The last star i will give, if the EA proceed further like he is doing now.

So far i'm very happy :)

Update 25/01/19 : The EA still works excellent. I can recommend this EA! Very good Work Rohi !!!

Versão 1.7 2019.02.21
1. Adding Stop Loss options
2. Activate USDJPY/USDCAD/GBPUSD pairs
3. Open New Trade if other EA's already trades option
Versão 1.6 2019.02.16
Added 2 options for Grid incremental Lots
Deactivated other currencies till new update will come
Versão 1.5 2019.02.14
1.Increasing number of EURUSD trades
2.Correction of version number label
3.Small bugs correction
Versão 1.4 2019.02.10
Changing the version number in the comments
Versão 1.3 2019.02.10
1.Supporting USDCAD and GBPUSD symbols
2. Adding Average opening line
3. Changing lot step grid calculation
Versão 1.2 2019.01.11
1.02 - improvements
Versão 1.1 2019.01.11
V1.01 - Adding Take Profit line , adding more entries based on new Neural Network patterns