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BG Night Grid

BG Night Grid is a trading expert Advisor working on standard mt4 indicators.

The EA combines two strategies at once. This is night scalping and the use of a grid (basket of orders).

Since the closing of loss-making orders occurs according to the indicators, the loss of the Deposit is unlikely.

During the strategy testing and optimization, several set files were developed for trading EURUSD pair on M5 and M15 timeframes.

The default settings are not intended for trading.

All set files will be posted in the comments to the EA. Set files are intended for trading with brokers operating in Eastern European time.

Despite the fact that all sets involve trading grid orders for safe, comfortable trading enough Deposit of $ 150.

For greater profitability, try to use accounts with a broker with good execution of orders and a small spread.

Main settings:

  •     TIMER - "true" – enabled," false " - disabled. In the" true " mode, the EA looks for the possibility of entering only at a certain time;
  •     Start_Hour, Start_Minutes - getting started EA;
  •     Start_Hour, Start_Minutes - end of EA operation;
  •     RSI, Use_Close_RSI, RSI_Period, RSI_price, High_RSI_Level, Low_RSI_Level - settings of RSI;
  •     Trade Parameters - section with trading parameters;
  •     TwoSide - when "true" in the presence of a signal, the EA opens orders in the opposite direction is an open basket of orders;
  •     MaxOrdersAvr - maximum number of orders in the basket. Maximum of them can be ten;
  •     DistStartAvr - minimal distance in points up to second order order baskets;
  •     PipStep - minimum distance in points between subsequent orders of the basket of orders;
  •     TakeProfit - take profit in pips;
  •     StopLoss - stop loss in pips;
  •     Lots - trading volume;
  •     DepoStep - function dynamic of the lot. Works together with"Lots". For example, if the Deposit is$ 1000, and "Lots" - 0.01, and "DepoStep" = 100, the trading lot will be - 0.1. When DepoStep = 0, the EA will trade a fixed lot specified by the "Lots" parameter";
  •     Average lots koefff - parameter allows you to set a separate averaging coefficient for each individual order of the basket of orders;
  •     Average TP - parameter allows you to set a separate take profit for the whole basket of orders at the level of each individual order;
  •     Auto_4_digits - if "true" parameter values in pips are set as for four-digit quotes, i.e. in old pips;
  •     OpenPlay - inclusion of alert announcing the opening trades;
  •     Magic - magic-number by which the EA distinguishes its orders from those placed manually or by other expert advisors.
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