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TrendSide Premium

TrendSide Premium displays the current trend, TakeProfit levels, trend rating and statistics of the success of past signals. Also, the main indicator panel displays the current trend direction on all other timeframes, and the additional indicator panel shows the trend direction and its rating in a multi-currency and multi-period form.

Please read the detailed user manual in order to use the full capabilities of the indicator. Link to user manual:



  • Not redrawn, the signal is strictly at the close of the candle
  • Multicurrency and multitimeframe trend identifier
  • Deep statistics and trend rating
  • Suitable for use in advisors
  • Just set up

Input settings and parameters:

  • Period- the indicator period, decreasing the value for more frequent signals, increasing for deeper filtering.
  • MultiplierOfTarget- Coefficient for setting goals for TakeProfit levels, increasing it will increase profit for targets, and decreasing will increase the success rate of indicator signals.
  • MaximumBars- Maximum number of bars for the initial indicator calculation
  • Multicurrency panel settings- Display settings and the number of displayed items in the multi-currency indicator panel
  • Notifications settings- Settings for various notifications
  • Graphics settings- Indicator appearance settings, which include font sizes, arrow sizes, and color settings for most indicator items

Setting the multi-indicator indicator panel:

  • Setting timeframes:If necessary, update the list of timeframes (Timeframes_for_analysis) by separating their names with "," and then select the number of timeframes to display (Number_of_Timeframes).
  • Setting characters:If necessary, update the list of characters (Symbols_for_analysis) by separating their names with "," and then select the number of characters to be displayed (Number_of_Symbols).
When clicking on the elements of the matrix of the panel, the indicator will switch the symbol and timeframe to the corresponding indicated in the pressed button. Pay attention to this if you have an adviser running in the same window as the multi-currency panel.

How to trade with TrendSide Premium:

  1. Choose the tools with the highest Succes Rating (success rating of past signals)
  2. Filter signals by checking the trend on higher timeframes; the main trend of higher timeframes indicates the direction for deals on lower timeframes.
  3. Set StopLoss, for this, as for TakeProfit, you can use the indicator signal to change the trend direction.
  4. Set the TakeProfit levels by combining the two calculated TakeProfit levels, you can exit completely at the TakeProfit1 level or partially at the TakeProfit1 level and partially at the TakeProfit2 level. Two calculated marks will allow you to diversify your strategy for closing orders.

Saju Joseph
Saju Joseph 2018.11.26 10:30   

This indicator does not do any help. The free indicators available in the market is better than this. TP targets are very small we canto even cover the spread within that.many times i notice that the trend is in one direction and the indicator is on the other way. Further, this indicator will show the trend only after the trend travel half of its way. Waste of money will be in trouble if we depend on it.

Versão 3.0 2019.02.01
Painel de múltiplas moedas atualizado
Versão 2.0 2019.01.11
Exibição gráfica aprimorada das linhas indicadoras.
Versão 1.10 2019.01.07
Corrigidos possíveis erros nas matrizes.