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This is an automatic Expert Advisor designed for scalping during the period of low market volatility

This strategy works for almost all currency pairs, so you don't have to worry about if it has forgery history or overfitting.

Recommended pairs on Strategy 1: All currency pairs(Careful trading JPY and NZD)    Backtest of strategy 1
Recommended pairs on Strategy 2: USD pairs   Backtest of strategy 2


  • Does not use martingale, averaging, does not keep losing deals.
  • Multicurrency transactions to share the risk of loss.
  • All orders are equipped with 30 StopLoss and 10 TakeProfit .
  • Does not require optimization and configuration. Uses ready-made strategies.
  • Flexible risk management system.
  • Advanced algorithm for entering and exiting the market.
  • Minimum deposit: $100.
  • VPS with the minimum latency to the broker's server is required for trading.
  • Requires an ECN account with minimal spread.
  • Recommend click here to open an ICMarkets ECN account ,and you will get a 8.57% discount on the commission paying only 3 $ per side per lot instead of standard 3.5 $.(Need to use the US dollar as the account currency)


  •   MaxSpread - The maximum allowable spread for opening positions
  •   MaxSlippage - Price slippage
  •   NetAssetRisk - If equit/balance<NetAssetRisk%, stop opening new orders
  •   HourStart - Hour to start trading
  •   HourEnd - Hour to stop trading
  •   EnableStrategy - Enable Strategy
  •   FixLots - Lot size
  •   AutoLots - Use Auto lots (Autolots=Balance/SL/10*MaxRisk%)
  •   MaxRisk - Risk as a percentage of account free margin
  •   StopLoss - Maximum stop loss, usually closes earlier according to the signal
  •   TakeProfit - Maximum take profit
  •   MagicNumber - EA identification code to avoid interference with other EAs.


  1. It is not recommended using a value of MaxRisk greater than 5%. Please note that after hitting stop loss two times in a row at a risk of 10%, you will lose 10% of the deposit.
  2. Use brokers that are reliable and have shown decent results in trading with this Expert Advisor. The list can be found in the settings and in the description of the trading signal.
  3. Remember that past profit does not guarantee future profit.

iccapital 2019.02.13 09:54 

Tiny gains with massive losses.

Will update if things change but for now you would rather have monkeys throwing darts


Very good and consistent........AT LOSING

Alberto Gonzalez
Alberto Gonzalez 2019.02.11 21:34 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Poornachandran 2019.02.10 20:22 

Author communication is poor. I lost more than 30% on Jan3rd. Not recommended!

andreashaupt 2019.02.07 21:51 

After renting the EA for about 2 month, I have to admit, there are more losses than wins. Making all the updates and only trading the recommended pairs, there is still a loss of 15%. Maybe running this EA a longer period ot time will make gains, but the rental/buying price is to big to find out.

Ibrahim Ogretmen
Ibrahim Ogretmen 2019.01.23 10:38 

Risk reward ratio is not good , small profits big looses. Nowadays i'm very dissappointed with the EA. :(

eneloop 2019.01.23 06:40 

Not recommended , in 2019 it has really bad performance , much worse than 2018 , Today get 3 stop loss in NZD again , author has few communication


zhenglah 2019.01.22 19:52 

Overall EA performance is decent except for the huge drawdown happened back on 3rd Jan, however author is slow on responding to questions and requests. will update the review when author gets back to work efficiently.

Edit 31/01/2019 : NOT RECOMMENDED TO BUY! author completely stopped responding and communicating with us and EA is giving really bad results and losses.

Juan Carlos Velez Hernandez
Juan Carlos Velez Hernandez 2019.01.09 00:16 

En 3 brokers diferentes (FXCM, Alpari y Fxopen) no he logrado tener los mismos resultados que el autor. En el horario recomendado para negociar los spread son muy altos, afectando en mucho la rentabilidad. Aparentemente solo funciona bien en ICMarkets lo cual lo hace muy limitado. Por el momento solo 3 estrellas. Seguire probando.

Mahmoud Shwaish
Mahmoud Shwaish 2019.01.02 05:36 

Hi , First its Good EA Overall and will advise to try it , So my review for development propose. before the update i was happy to see one chart operating x numbers of Pairs , was fine and gaining profit . after the new update its become each EA will operate one Chart (around 22 charts ) . as daily trader to open 22 charts in one platform is too much . i was expecting the seller to focus on max 6 pairs with clear view about each one (PF , DD , etc ) if did like that will be more efficient and easy users (fishing net vs rod ). Thanks

punkatang 2018.12.31 03:06   


jeff0170 2018.12.29 20:58 

Rented for 1 month. I will update my rating.

Test canceled after 3 days. Only losses.

Nuno Simoes
Nuno Simoes 2018.12.29 15:47 

1 Month running. No profit.

mikeyg17 2018.12.24 09:23 

Good and fast support. Now waiting for the first results.

bog Min
bog Min 2018.12.21 17:43   

Hello I rented for 1 month but download is wrong MT4 How do I go to my account?

aalzawad 2018.12.04 03:35 

I have the EA running for two weeks on live account and it is giving amazing result so far and it seems it is an amazing EA and i believe in the author and waiting for the new update with news filter and if we can use for more than one hour a day this would be the most amazing EA in the market .. guys you need to wait and give the ea time to profe itself ✌🏻. I recommend this EA to all traders at least test for one month and u will post a good review 😍

drnsf 2018.12.04 00:19 

some issues will be passeD .Good robot version 2 gave very good trades under vps server.Great capabilities.I believe that A vps server is needed.Unfortunayely vps server that mql5 owns or propose and i use has tonight many problems.

Zhizhen Nie
Zhizhen Nie 2018.12.03 06:57 

Excellent! Today is harvest day, and my account has increased by 8.5 % today

domteo 2018.12.01 08:00 

I agree with review by robert19. Although I am also using Icmarkets ECN account with settings similar to the author, my trades are not consistent with the trades of the author. For some unknown or unclear reason, the author's results seem somewhat better than what I have achieved from my own account.

For those trades that remained opened over last weekend, there was a big gap on most of the opened positions on Monday and that caused most of the trades to close with big losses.

jamver 2018.11.29 16:41 

Ver good in this moment at Tickmill :)

robert19 2018.11.29 08:48 

This EA gave in the last 5 days only losses. I think the EA depend to much on the broker and therefore not suitable for stable trading. The average loss is about 2.5 to 3 times bigger then the average win and compare tis with an average win % from 79% you know that you not can make any profit of it.

muracchi 2018.11.26 02:52 

Very good EA

Thanakorn Poolsawat
Thanakorn Poolsawat 2018.11.22 15:34 

Dead EA and Author

Nurettin Kilincarslan
Nurettin Kilincarslan 2018.11.19 15:38 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

CapikFx 2018.11.13 06:19 

Real account are proven .. Tq

Yixiang Wang
Yixiang Wang 2018.11.13 04:11 

This EA developer is an excellent genius! 5 stars!

Hangbo Zhu
Hangbo Zhu 2018.11.11 14:19 

very good EA ,5-star

Tom sheep
Tom sheep 2018.10.21 18:55 

Excellent night EA, good back test, now in real account test.

Versão 3.10 2019.01.03
1.Add account equity ratio control.If equit/balance<NetAssetRisk, stop opening new orders.
Versão 3.0 2018.12.23
1.Add a new strategy
2.Change back to"1 chart trade 1 pair"
Versão 2.10 2018.12.03
change the GMT time to broker's time
Versão 2.0 2018.11.03
1. Optimize trading strategies and currently adapt to more currency pairs
2. Simplify the operation, just open a chart to trade all currency pairs
Versão 1.30 2018.10.20
1. Increase the broker's daylight saving time offset setting.
2. Increase the trading parameter display panel.
Versão 1.20 2018.10.12
Add error message; add magic code to parameter interface
Versão 1.1 2018.10.06
Fixed some bugs, added referral currency.