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  • Box are calculated using Tokyo Time(GMT0-6).
  • Once you break out that box, Position is ordered.
  • Filtering by MACD and ADX.
  • Charts are recommended to use M15 or H1.
  • The recommended currency is EURUSD,GBPJPY.
  • You can also change the box time(For example, London time box, New York time).
  • Pyramitting entries are possible.

Indicator Parameters

  • magic - Please set a magic number which is not the same as other EA.
  • FUNDA - If you only want to buy, please set 1. If you only want to sell, please set -1. if you wish both, please set both 0 .
  • pyramidingCnt - Please set the number of pyramids.
  • lots - Please set the number of lot of positions.
  • profitPips - Please set the profit of the position.
  • losscutPips - Please set the losscut of the position.
  • EntryStartHourGMT - Please set the trade start time (GMT).
  • EntryEndHourGMT - Please set the trade end time (GMT).
  • BreakOutStartHourGMT - Please set the start time of the box (GMT).
  • BreakOutEndHourGMT - Please set the end time of the box(GMT) .
  • TestGMTOffset - This is the parameter used for back test. Set the broker's GMT offset.For example, in the case of the FXDD, please set 2.

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